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[Updated] Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes: January 2023

Last Updated on December 30, 2022 by Emilia

Create your own dojo in the Roblox game Anime Ninja War Tycoon to train terrible warriors for battle. When you have a large enough army, you can order them to attack other players to demonstrate who is the strongest. As you continue to improve your foundation, you will eventually overtake all other players. There may be some confusion among players because this game was once called as Naruto War Tycoon.

List of Roblox Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes Wiki

As of today, we have listed all the available free redeem codes for Anime Ninja War Tycoon . Players can redeem these codes for cash and other in-game rewards.

[Updated] Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes: October 2022


New Valid Redeem Codes For Anime Ninja War Tycoon Roblox

Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes REWARDS
ANNUAL Earn a Ninja Zakashi
SHINDO7 Earn 300.000 Coins
SHINDO8 Earn 30 minutes of x2 money
SHINDO9 Earn 2,000 Diamonds

Expired Codes

Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes REWARDS
SHINDO1 Earn Diamonds
SHINDO2 Earn Diamonds
SHINDO3 Earn Diamonds
GLOBAL Earn 1,000 Diamonds
LIKE Earn a Ninja Isobu
RANKED Earn 1,000 Diamonds
VICTORY Earn 1,000 Qualifying Points
jiraiya Earn 1,000 Diamonds
Konan Earn 1,000 Diamonds
Toneri Earn 6
kaguya Earn 300 Diamonds
hagoromo Earn 500 Diamonds
hamura Earn a Summon Reel
Christmas Earn a bunch of gifts
gift Earn Chi
snowman Earn 100 Diamonds
NINJA6 Earn Summon Scrolls
NINJA5 Earn 3 Summon Scrolls
NINJA4 Earn 2x Chi Boost 10 Minutes
NINJA3 Earn 2x Gold and Chi Boost 10 Minutes
NINJA2 Earn Chi & Money
NINJA1 Earn Chi & Mone
CANDY2 Earn 50 Candies
CANDY1 Earn 50 Candies

How to redeem codes for Anime Ninja War Tycoon

To redeem codes for Anime Ninja War Tycoon, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Anime Ninja War Tycoon in Roblox.
  2. Tap on the Setting button (gear icon) on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter a working code into the code redemption box.
  4. Click on the Enter button.
  5. Enjoy your free in-game reward.

How can you get more Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes?

To find more codes, make sure to join their Discord, who are the developer of the game. Otherwise, we will be updating this wiki with all of the most recent codes, so make sure to bookmark the page!

This is all about the More list of game codes. You can find more game codes on our list of game codes. If you want to see a list of all Roblox games and codes, you can look at this list.

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Game Information

  • Title – Anime Ninja War Tycoon
  • Publisher – Playful Club
  • Genre
  • Play  Roblox Website

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