Bug Trophies in Grounded

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If you’re looking for a way to show off your bug hunting prowess in Grounded, then Bug Trophies are the perfect addition to your collection. Similar to décor items, these trophies are crafted from various bug parts and serve as a decorative way to showcase your accomplishments. There are two types of Bug Trophies you can craft: the first are called “Stuffed Bugs”, which are purely for show, but the second type, “Mounted Trophies” will give you an added boost in battle, as they grant a temporary 20% damage boost against a specific creature once activated. Collecting these bug trophies is a great way to customize your base and show off your skills as a hunter, and they also give you an extra edge on your next encounter with that creature.

Red Worker Ant Mount
Red Soldier Ant Mount
Orb Weaver Mount
Infected Weevil Mount
Larva Mount
Bombardier Mount
Ladybug Head Mount
Wolf Spider Mount
Firefly Head Mount
Bee Mount
Mosquito Mount
Broodmother Trophy
Orchid Mantis Mount
Black Ox Beetle Mount
Antlion Mount
Ladybird Mount
Scarab Mount
Termite Mount
Termite Soldier Mount
Termite King Mount
Moth Mount
Black Widow Mount
Spiderling Wall Mount
Black Widowling Wall Mount
Mite Mount
Infected Mite Mount
Dust Mite Mount
Tick Wall Mount
Black Worker Ant Mount
Black Soldier Ant Mount
Fire Worker Ant Mount
Fire Soldier Ant Mount
Water Flea Mount
Spiny Water Flea Mount
Tiger Mosquito Mount
Infected Ladybug Mount
Infected Larva Mount
Ladybird Larva Mount
Diving Bell Mount
Water Boatman Mount
Tadpole Mount
Roly Poly Mount
Stinkbug Mount
Green Shield Bug Mount
Weevil Mount
Gnat Mount

Stuffed Creatures

Stuffed Red Soldier Ant
Stuffed Aphid
Stuffed Weevil
Stuffed Mite
Stuffed Bee
Stuffed Gnat
Stuffed Infected Weevil
Stuffed Bombardier
Stuffed Firefly
Stuffed Ladybug
Stuffed Stinkbug
Stuffed Infected Ladybug
Stuffed Ladybird
Stuffed Red Worker Ant
Stuffed Black Worker Ant
Stuffed Black Soldier Ant
Stuffed Fire Worker Ant
Stuffed Fire Soldier Ant
Stuffed Green Shield Bug
Stuffed Termite Worker
Stuffed Termite Soldier
Stuffed Termite King
Stuffed Larva
Stuffed Infected Larva
Stuffed Ladybird Larva
Stuffed Infected Mite
Stuffed Dust Mite
Stuffed Tick
Stuffed Roly Poly
Stuffed Black Ox Beetle
Stuffed Antlion
Stuffed Scarab
Stuffed Moth
Stuffed Mantis
Stuffed Orb Weaver
Stuffed Wolf Spider
Stuffed Black Widow
Stuffed Broodmother
Stuffed Spiderling
Stuffed Black Widowling
Stuffed Water Flea
Stuffed Spiny Water Flea
Stuffed Diving Bell Spider
Stuffed Water Boatman
Stuffed Tadpole
Stuffed Mosquito
Stuffed Tiger Mosquito
Stuffed Infected Gnat

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