Dinkum: How to Plant Seeds and Trees
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Dinkum: How to Plant Seeds and Trees

A life and farming simulator called Dinkum is presently available as an early release on Steam. With its crafting and survival features, the Australian independent game is similar to Don’t Starve and Minecraft. It’s possible that some gamers may also be reminded of Animal Crossing by the NPC interactions and collecting features. The steps of planting a seed in Dinkum are explained in this manual.

Dinkum: How to Plant Seeds and Trees

How to Plant Seeds and Trees in Dinkum

As is customary in survival games, there isn’t much of a tutorial. In order to get through the day, players must decide what to do. You’re not the only one encountering issues with several of the game’s main activities.

You could be pondering the best way to sow the seeds you get from tree-trimming using your axe. Simply dropping them on the ground won’t work; you must plant them underground. You will need a shovel to gather soil for this.

Dinkum: How to Plant Seeds and Trees

The first thing you must do is get an excavation permit from Fletch. You must pay for this using permit points, which you earn by achieving milestones. The Excavation Licence must be purchased from Fletch for 500 Permit Points. You will then be able to buy and employ shovels. Once John is on your island, you may pay him 900 coins for the Shovel, which you can purchase from him.

Dinkum: How to Plant Seeds and Trees

All that’s left to do is locate a piece of land and start digging with your shovel. By pressing Q, you may drop a seed of your choosing into the area that has been dug and then use your shovel to add fresh earth. Your seed has now been planted, and soon you will notice a sapling growing where it once was. The next day, it will develop into a little tree.

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