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[Updated] Heroes Online Codes: January 2023

Last Updated on December 28, 2022 by Emilia

Heroes Online codes are required. Baby, we can save the day. Heroes Online lets you play either a hero or a villain in an action-packed adventure and is based on the hit anime series My Hero Academia. It is comparable to Mad City but is more focused on superpowers than a large-scale game of police and criminals.

The emphasis is on combat: you engage opposing groups while developing your unique abilities. You’ll be able to freely explore a variety of anime-inspired landscapes, take part in PvP battles and unique community activities, and advance your objectives even more quickly thanks to temporary free spins.

List of Roblox Heroes Online Codes Wiki

As of today, we have listed all the available free redeem codes for Heroes Online. Players can redeem these codes for advanced mech, gold coins and other in-game rewards.

[Updated] Heroes Online Codes: July 2022


New valid redeem codes for Heroes Online Roblox

Heroes Online Codes  REWARDS
1milfavs five spins
Super7 Redeem for seven epic spins

Expired codes

Heroes Online Codes  REWARDS
TheLastOne  twelve epic spins
2kids  five rare spins
Bluebird  three epic spins
Tsukuyomi  ten epic spins
ErenYeager!  seven epic spins
Bizarre  six epic spins
Iggy  five epic spins
2018  three rare spins
VolumeWinning  three epic spins
Gentle  two epic spins
DelayPlatinum  two epic spins
YareYare  seven rare spins
Rebirth  two epic spins
Grateful  two epic spins
Witcher  two epic spins
Heroborne  seven rare spins
LilDeluxe  one epic spin
shinobiX  seven rare spins

How Do I Get More Heroes Online Codes?

Once you’ve redeemed your Heroes Online codes, chances are you’ll be ready for even more. There are a few reliable sources that you can keep an eye on to redeem new codes as and when they release. Firstly, it’s worth following the Arkham Deluxe Twitter page. We also recommend joining the Heroes Online Discord server and subscribing to the official YouTube channel.

How Do I Redeem Heroes Online Codes

It’s very easy to redeem a Heroes Online code; just follow the instructions below to obtain the goods.

  • Open Heroes Online
  • Open the main menu
  • Press ‘CODES’
  • Enter the code
  • Get some free stuff!

This article will cover the code list for the game. For more game code you can visit our game codes list. You can also look at this list if you want to look at the complete list of Roblox games and codes.

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Game Information

  • Title  Heroes Online
  • Publisher – Bloxxit Studios
  • Genre
  • Play – Roblox Website


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