How to Catch Grasshopper In Dinkum

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How to Catch Grasshopper In Dinkum:- In Dinkum, you can find bugs all over your Island that you capture using your Bug Catcher Net. As your Island moves through the Seasons, different species of Bugs will start appearing and you can submit them to your Museum for Permit Points and glory!

Bug catching is one of the first skills you can acquire in Dinkum and if the algorithm is on your side, it’s a great way to make some money early in the game. Once John comes to the island you’ll need to buy a net from him, which you can do when he’s set up in the tent or once he opens his store.

Armed with your net, you can now catch any bug you come across! You’ll just need to get to the square behind your chosen bug and swing your net. The game’s aiming for many things, including this, is a bit finicky, so you may have to try a couple of times. However, bugs won’t disappear if unsuccessfully caught, so no worries.

How to Catch Grasshopper In Dinkum

Dinkum Grasshopper Catching Tips and Tricks

While Grasshopper catching might seem like a daunting task at first, we’ve got some tips and tricks to make things easier, as well as general helpful information.

  • Keep your sound on while catching bugs. Some, like flies, are easier to hear than to see. If a Grasshopper’s nest falls from a tree you just cut down, the Grasshoppers are also easier to hear than to see.
  • Nets wear down, but not as quickly as pickaxes. Always keep a spare on you, especially when John’s shop is closed on Sundays.
  • Bugs take up individual slots in your inventory and don’t stack, keep that in mind when you’re planning bug expeditions. However, if you take a bug and place it on the ground, you’ll see it stays inside a small container rather than flies or crawls away. This does not apply if you swap bugs with your inventory full or if you drop a bug with Q.
  • Keep a few extra bugs around in case of characters requesting them. Bugs don’t go into storage, you’ll need to keep them in their individual containers, so it’s most feasible to keep the most common requests as spares.

How to Catch Grasshopper In Dinkum

  • Habitat – The tropics and the plains
  • Time Found – Day
  • Season – Spring
  • Grasshopper Sell Price: 1,700

Bug Catching is pretty simple in Dinkum and all you need is a Bug Net, which can be purchased from John for 1,100 Dinks.

You’ll find Bugs all over your Island; you just need to aim your Bug Net on the tile the bug is on and it will be caught! Bugs do not stack in your Inventory, so they can quite quickly clog up your Inventory.

As the time of day and the seasons change, different bugs will spawn. You’ll need to complete a full year on your Island in order to catch all the bugs.

You can see Bugs from quite far away, so if you ever unlock the Helicopter, it is great for scouting large areas for the bugs you really need.

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