How to Cook Bean Hotpot in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is a game that has a relatively expansive cooking mechanic, with a whopping 80 dishes able to be made in the game. From classic American-style comfort food to curry from the Fern Islands, players can become chef aficionados and keep themselves healthy and energized throughout their journey as the Valley’s greatest farmer.

There are several ways of learning recipes in the game, such as trusted friends, celebrity icons, and the natural skills you learn along the way on your journey. We’ve detailed how to obtain every single recipe in the game up to Update 1.5 and what ingredient(s) you’ll need to make them. Happy cooking!

How to Cook Bean Hotpot in Stardew Valley

How to Cook Bean Hotpot in Stardew Valley

To Cook Bean Hotpot In Stardew Valley You need Following Ingredients then after you can start cooking Bean Hotpot

  • 2x Green Bean

Recipe Source:- Befriend Clint to 7 Hearts or above

Below We have Mentioned Complete Guide about Cooking set-up. You can Follow this guide and start Cooking Bean Hotpot

How To Cook In Stardew Valley?

#1 Get A Kitchen Or Cookout Kit

Before gathering any ingredients, you’ll need something or somewhere to prepare these meals. You have two choices: Cookout Kit or Kitchen. These two can produce cooked dishes, but the first one has its limitations.

Cookout Kit

It’s a great starter pack for beginners who immediately want to cook dishes. You can only use it outside your Farmhouse, and make sure to use a pickaxe, axe, or hoe when removing it. If you forget to do this, your kit will disappear the next day.

Moreover, its crafting recipe becomes available once you reach Foraging Level 9. You’ll also need to gather some Wood (15), Fiber (10), and Coal (3). But you can also get two of them for free upon accomplishing the Wild Medicine Bundle in the Craftsroom of the Community Center.


It’s a more stable cooking place compared to the latter. However, you’ll only get it in your first Farmhouse Upgrade from Robin. It costs 10,000g and Wood (450). After obtaining this advancement, you won’t just find a Kitchen with a countertop, but you’ll also get a fridge to store your excess ingredients.

#2 Get Recipes

Despite having the first necessity, you’d also need to know the recipe of the dish you want to cook. You may obtain them from the following:

  • The Queen of Sauce. You may watch this show on your television every Wednesday. It offers free but random cooking recipes that you may like.
  • Stardrop Saloon. If you missed an episode last Wednesday, you might sometimes find some of the recipes from Gus’ store. Its price ranges from 50g to 5,000g, depending on the formula you’re purchasing.
  • Villagers. Aside from gifts from your generous townsmen, they may occasionally send you the recipe for their most adored meals.
  • The Island Trader. You may trade some bone fragments and a few foraged items with its owner for some recipes.
  • Dwarf Shop in Volcano on Ginger Island. You’ll find this shop upon reaching the fifth level of the dungeon.
  • First Farmhouse Upgrade. After getting this upgrade from Robin, you’ll get a simple recipe as a reward.
  • Ginger Island Resort. Gus runs this store, you’ll find various dishes and recipes in this shop.
  • Skill Enhancement. Improving your skills in Stardew Valley gives you crafting and cooking recipes and a reward.

#3 Gather The Ingredients.

Collecting ingredients for a platter can be done in several ways. You may incorporate your Farming and Foraging skills or use your Farm buildings. Some items are also purchasable from shops in Stardew Valley.

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