How to Craft Lightningbone Bolt x10 In Elden Ring

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How to Craft Lightningbone Bolt x10 In Elden Ring:- What are all the recipes for making in Elden Ring, and how does that work? The ability to combine materials to create valuable things that will help you on your adventure through the Lands Between is one of the many new elements added to Elden Ring. We’ll explain how it works and what kinds of things you may anticipate to make yourself in our Elden Ring guide. All crafting recipes and techniques will be covered.

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How to Craft Lightningbone Bolt x10 In Elden Ring

How to Craft In Elden Ring

Unlike levelling or equipping Ashes of War, you can craft anywhere by opening your menu once you have a Crafting Kit.

Open your menu, then select Item Crafting – the second option down.

Crafting can be accessed almost immediately upon making it to the Lands Between. The only item you need to get started is the Crafting Kit which can be purchased for a paltry sum of 300 Runes from Merchant Kalé in the Church of Elleh which is a few short paces northwest of the opening Stranded Graveyard cave. Once it’s in your possession, you need only navigate to the options menu and select Item Crafting which should now be available.

From here, you’ll see all the items you can craft. All you need is a spare Cracked Pot to hold it in, and the required ingredients.

Most early game items require local fauna and flora. As you explore, keep an eye on anything growing on bushes or from the ground – most of it should stick out. Don’t forget to search dungeons, too – where many unique ingredients can be discovered.

How to Craft Lightningbone Bolt x10 In Elden Ring

To Craft Lightningbone Bolt x10 In Elden Ring You Need Following Ingredients Handy With you Which Mentioned as below:

  • 2x Thin Beast Bones
  • 1x Fulgurbloom

Usages Of Lightningbone Bolt x10 In Elden Ring

  • Animal bone bolt with lightning-imbued tip

Where We Find Lightningbone Bolt x10 Ingredients?

  • Unlocked by obtaining Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook [1] which can be found behind a cage in the Wyndham Catacombs, reachable by slipping beneath the moving floor with the spiked ceiling

Several items in Elden Ring can be procured far more easily through crafting than by other means. This goes especially for the Furlcalling Finger Remedy – an item needed to participate in multiplayer as explained in How Multiplayer and Summons Work. Crafting is also the primary means by which you can put most of the mind-bogglingly large amount of items picked up across the Lands Between to good use.

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