How To Fix Call Log Not Showing Name

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Smartphones are used for a wide variety of tasks and activities, including web browsing, talking, taking pictures, and a host of other activities. Have you ever encountered a circumstance where your phone fails to display the contact name for incoming calls? When the phone does not wake up when you receive a call, you may be wondering how to remedy the problem.

Why do my contact names on Android not appear on incoming calls?

 1.Restart Phone:

Simply restart the device by going to the power menu on your phone. Another excellent alternative that can prove to be very successful in repairing the problem you may be experiencing is to totally shut down the device and then boot it up.

2.Clear Cache and Data

Follow The Step:

Step1:Navigate to Settings and Apps (or Application manager)

Step2: Select the Phone app, then select Storage.

Step3: To clear the cache, select that option.

Step4: You might even think about wiping the Data if the issue continues.

Here’s how to go about it:

3. Accounts & Sync

Follow The Step:

Step:1 Open your phone Settings. Click the Accounts and sync.

Call Log Not Showing Name ? How To Fix



Choose the any account which have your contacts.

Call Log Not Showing Name ? How To Fix


Click the contacts and sync


Call Log Not Showing Name ? How To Fix

That was all for the solution to the phone’s failure to display the contact name during incoming calls. The advice provided here should ideally assist you in resolving problems like the contact name not appearing in the call log on Redmi devices or the inability of Samsung devices to display incoming calls.


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