How to Get Butterscotch Teleporter in Slime Rancher

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How to Get Butterscotch Teleporter In Slime Rancher:- As you make your way through Slime Rancher 2, you will find and collect a variety of different materials. These materials will either assist you in upgrading your equipment or in taking care of your slimes. No matter what happens, the information and materials that you gather will be essential in some way.

Slime Science Resources are going to be necessary if you want to make any progress in the game of Slime Rancher. These peculiar things, which play a crucial role in the overall process, are required for the production of essential technology, decorative goods, and a great deal more. Over time, you will derive an incredible amount of benefit from them.

In Slime Rancher, Slime Science Resources serve as one of the most important components in the crafting system. They are required for the preparation of a wide variety of technology, utilities, and other products that fall under the categories of ornamental and technological goods.

How to Get Butterscotch Teleporter in Slime Rancher


How to Get Butterscotch Teleporter in Slime Rancher

The Butterscotch Teleporter is a teleporter that a player has created and is able to be crafted at The Lab using the Fabricator. When created, Butterscotch Teleporters always come in pairs, and there is a limit of one set that can be crafted at any given time.

Before the Butterscotch Teleporter can be used, there are two prerequisites that need to be met:

Unlocking The Glass Desert in the game.
The blueprint for the Pink Teleporter was purchased from the Builder’s Shop located within The Lab.
After the conditions have been satisfied, it will become available for purchase after a period of 30 minutes played in the game.

Butterscotch Teleporter Crafting Recipe

Item Craft recipe
Butterscotch Teleporter

How To use Butterscotch Teleporter in Slime Rancher

  • Butterscotch Teleporters can be used for immediate transportation to anywhere in the Far, Far Range, as long as there are Gadget Sites present in the target location.
  • Only the player is capable of using Butterscotch Teleporters; anything held on the nozzle is left behind, and anything except the player that comes into contact with the teleporter will not be transported.
  • The only way to transport items using teleporters is to store them in the Vacpack.
  • When one teleporter is placed, it can be picked up again. When both teleporters are placed – and therefore linked – they can only be demolished and must be crafted again at The Lab.

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