How to get Magma Roblox Blox Fruit

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Magma Roblox Blox Fruit:- In the game Roblox Blox Fruits, devil fruits are magically powered weapons that deal massive damage to foes and bosses. The total number of devil fruits available in the game is 23. Each devil fruit has a distinct elemental power that it deals and a unique moveset that is connected to that element. Depending on the fruit, some devil fruits even have two different movesets.

How to get Magma Roblox Blox Fruit


How to get Magma Roblox Blox Fruit

The Magma Fruit is a type of fruit known as an Elemental Fruit. It can be purchased from the Blox Fruits Dealer for a price of 1,300 Robux or 850,000 Robux. It is also possible, albeit less likely, to acquire it from the Blox Fruit Dealer’s Cousin or by discovering it hidden among trees. There is a 7.2% chance that this fruit will spawn in-game every hour, and there is a 10% chance that it will be in each stock.
Because of its abilities in PvE, Magma is well-known for having the highest damage in the game, having an insanely high DoT, and having a passive ability that allows it to walk on water.

It is said that due to its insane damage and water walking passive ability, this fruit is the best fruit for sea beast hunting. These two features allow the user to easily kill a sea beast.

14,500 total fragments are required in order to awaken.

Pro And Cons Of Magma In Blox Fruit Roblox

Pros Cons
Extremely versatile due to its many passive. Awakened Magma z and v is extremely hard to land outside combo or when opponent is sky camping.
Very good for grinding, since attacks leave a magma mark that works like lava, dealing extra damage. Unawakened Magma got heavily nerfed in update 17.3, making it only reliable on close ranged battles.
Highest damage in the game for all Fruits (if all the puddle damage is applied). Hard to hit airborne targets (Magma V1. It’s easier with Magma V2).
Awakened magma has the same ability as Ice fruit. Walking on the water. And you still lose energy. Volcanic Assault is single-target and has end-lag, which is bad if you miss your shot.
It is an Elemental type Blox Fruit and has really great damage (unawakened and awakened), making it the best fruit when it comes to grinding. Unawakened Magma’s “flight” move doesn’t even fly but instead glides on the ground.
Immunity from lava, which is found at Magma Village, Flame raids, Hot and Cold Island, and Flame (Magma in Magma raid doesn’t do damage) raids. Magma V1 has the slowest mobility move in-game (tied with Smoke and Sand).
One of the greatest fruits for low levels due to great damage and the Elemental effect. With awakened Magma, the V and Z moves will kill NPCs, if they stay in the puddles. Magma Meteors and Magma Fist is the only move for unawakened that is reliable as a mid ranged attack (Magma X has range however it’s not that far).
Really easy to get bounty with Magma V2. All you need is the fully awakened moveset, and a supporting sword and/or gun, because Z and V do extremely high damage, and if used right with a supporting sword and/or gun, you will be able to crush virtually all opponents (sometimes even without your Fighting Style) you come across. Magma’s elemental immunity doesn’t work on bosses
Somewhat good combo potential (awakened).
Awakened Magma got buffed (Update 17, Part 2). The magma puddles now deal way higher damage to opponents.
Easy to obtain, like from the Cafe as it’s quite underrated despite how good it is.
The user is now able to walk on water passively if you have awakened Magma, without taking damage.
All moves deal damage, even the flight move (awakened Magma).
One of the most spammable fruits (awakened), alongside Flame, Dragon, Venom, PhoenixV2 and Soul.
Somewhat cheap for what it’s worth.
Magma V2 does some of the most damage of all of the fruits in the game and when combined with the unawakened f move it will be tied for first for highest damage

Magma Movesets in Roblox Blox Fruit Roblox

Key Name Description Mastery
z Magma Clap The player will create 2 hands, and after a very short delay will clap into each other dealing damage to any enemy within the vicinity. The hitbox of the hands are larger than it seems considering the small hand size. Mas. 1
x Magma Eruption The user will create an eruption below them. If an enemy is standing right on top of it, they will launch to the air dealing damage. A lava pool will also stay for a few seconds that deal damage over time to enemies standing on it. There can be 1-3 lava pools that can spawn at a time. Mas. 45
c Magma Fist Create a large fireball that will launch to where your pointer is pointing at. If it hits the ground, it will explode and will also leave a bigger lava pool that will stay for a few seconds. Magma Fist is very identical to its past skill, Magma Wolf. Mas. 95
v Magma Meteors Creates 3 “Meteors” that will launch to where your pointer is pointing at. Hitting the ground will cause it to explode into smaller pieces that look like lava pools but don’t do damage. Out of all the attack the Magma set has, this is likely to be the most devastating skill out of all of them. Mas. 140
f Magma Floor If used, the player will go into the ground and create lava pools that last for about 1 second. Spinning around can deal a lot of damage to the enemy because the lava pools stack on each other. Keep in mind that you can still get damaged while using Magma Floor. If F key is released, you will jump out of the floor, dealing damage and knocking enemies high up if they are above you.


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