How to get Paw Roblox Blox Fruit

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Paw Roblox Blox Fruit:- In the game Roblox Blox Fruits, devil fruits are magically powered weapons that deal massive damage to foes and bosses. The total number of devil fruits available in the game is 23. Each devil fruit has a distinct elemental power that it deals and a unique moveset that is connected to that element. Depending on the fruit, some devil fruits even have two different movesets.

How to get Paw Roblox Blox Fruit


How to get Paw Roblox Blox Fruit

Paw is a Blox Fruit of the Natural type that can be purchased from the Blox Fruit Dealer for either $2,300,000 or 2,200. This fruit has a 1.9% chance of being available in stock and a 2.83% chance of appearing naturally in-game. Update 7 included the addition of this fruit.

This fruit is one of a total of 13 fruits that radiate light when held in the right conditions (the others being Love, Barrier, Quake, Human: Buddha, Bird: Phoenix, Rumble, Gravity, Shadow, Venom, Control, Soul, and Dragon).

Although it has the potential to create powerful combos and has a wide range, this fruit is not seen very often in player versus player combat. In addition to this, it is compatible with the majority of races, and it can be combined attractively with a sword.

Pro And Cons Of Paw In Blox Fruit Roblox

Pros Cons
High damage. All moves are hard to hit unless the opponent is stunned (except Torture).
Good for PvP and bounty hunting, if used well. Missing Paw Nuke leaves you vulnerable.
Torture will turn the enemy’s screen dark red and dark blue (which blinds them and distorts their vision), it briefly stuns the opponent, and it will break Observation for a significant amount of time, making Torture in any Paw combo impossible to Ken Trick. High energy consumption for all damaging skills.
Self Repel goes very far (roughly twice as far as Ghastly Step), making it very useful to escape combos from others in PvP. Since Paw is not an Elemental-type, grinding with it can be a bit difficult.
Self Repel has a fairly short cooldown and only takes up 20 Energy, making it good for PvP, escaping one-shot combos, and running away from bounty hunters. Also Paw [V] is a single target skill and Paw [C] has very high knockback, making them very difficult to use in farming.
Insanely high combo potential. Paw Nuke is slow.
Insane range. If you watch the projectiles, they last for an extremely long time before finally despawning (Heavy Paw [Z] can go from the tip of Marine Fortress and nearly hit Marine Starter Island). Long cooldowns (except for Self Repel).
If you use Heavy Paw at an opponent and the projectile goes through their torso (instead of hitting the ground while hitting them), it will very briefly stun them and will not cause significant knockback. Not recommended for PvP beginners, as you need good aim and prediction skills.
Paw’s Z, C and V abilities break Observation (for Paw C, they have to be in the middle of the explosion). Z can break Observation if the projectile hits a surface and a player at the same time, and if the player’s torso is hit instead of their limb(s).
Pretty fast moves (except Paw Nuke, which has a bit of start-up time).
Torture is a good Observation Break move, due to enemies taking continuous tick damage after being hit by the move.
Torture has a very large hitbox, sometimes it lands without even being near the opponent.
Paw Nuke has a big hitbox, even bigger than Torture.
Works pretty well regardless of stat distribution.
Really good for Sword and Gun mains. Also good for Fruit mains (if you can aim well).
Although Paw Barrage doesn’t break Observation, it takes up a few of your opponent’s Ken dodges.
All moves are multi-target (except Torture).
Longest range in the game,
Paw Barrage can stun-lock if aimed on a target properly and directly, allowing combos to be carried through if you’re fast enough.
Torture can hit enemies through walls, buildings, etc.

Paw Movesets in Roblox Blox Fruit Roblox

Key Name Description Mastery
z Heavy Paw The user launches a high-speed, long range paw-shaped projectile which deals damage and applies a paw mark on the target hit.(The paw mark is purely for cosmetic) 1 mastery
x Paw Barrage The user launches a barrage of high-speed and long range paw-shaped projectiles that deal damage and apply a paw mark on the target hit. (The paw mark is purely for cosmetic) 100 mastery
c Paw Nuke The user shoots a small, high-speed, and long range paw-shaped projectile that explodes into a massive paw-shaped explosion, dealing high damage while flinging targets into the air. 200 mastery
v Torture The user shoots a large and long-range red pulsating paw that blinds an opponent and deals damage over time while breaking Observation in the process. 300 mastery
f Self Repel The user launches themselves at their mouse cursor, going the farthest among Ghastly Step, Lightning Dash, and Electric Flash. 50 m


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