How to Get the Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk Feature for Free

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Have you ever wondered what the wealthy and famous typically watch? You no longer have to hazard a guess with Apple Fitness+ thanks to its carefully chosen audio material from noteworthy figures.

The Time to Stroll function, which was created to make walking more pleasurable, is similar to having a successful person in your ear while you go about your regular walk. However, what exactly is the Time to Walk function, and how do you access it?

How to Get the Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk Feature for Free

What Is the Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk Feature?

The Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk Feature was introduced by Apple in 2022. Users of Apple Fitness+ now have access to Time to Walk, a series of 25–40 minute episodes with celebrities discussing their own experiences, memories, and suggestions for music.

The most current Time to Walk (or Time to Run) episodes will be downloaded to your Apple Watch if you have Apple Fitness+. This will only function, however, if your Apple Watch is plugged in and charging at the same time.

Time to Walk is unfortunately not free for all customers like the other Apple Fitness+ services. There are, however, free methods to mimic a comparable experience. The next sections include instructions on how to achieve this.

YouTube Playlists

If you want to try something a bit different, you may look for celebrity interviews on YouTube and combine them with music that the celebrities mention or that make you think of them. There are also many YouTube videos of famous people reading books if you’d rather simply hear someone’s voice.

Even though YouTube is free, you may need to pay for YouTube Premium if you don’t want intrusive advertisements to spoil your listening experience. Thank goodness, YouTube Premium ($9.99/month) also provides free trials so you can determine whether it’s worth the money.

Download: YouTube Music for Android | iPhone (Free, subscription available)

Spotify Playlists

According to the Spotify blog, you can construct a custom playlist using a mix of music and podcasts to replicate the Time to Walk function. This is achievable since Spotify is home to over 82 million songs and 4 million podcasts.

If money is tight, Spotify’s increasing preoccupation with podcasts, especially those hosted by powerful individuals like Michelle Obama, may still be listened to for free with its ad-supported tier. The advertisements, though, may be rather grating and keep you from focusing. Fortunately, there are several methods to reduce the cost of a Spotify Premium membership.

You can get greater sound quality and on-demand offline listening with a premium membership. It’s crucial to realise that many podcasts are sponsored, however. This means that even if you purchase a premium membership, you will still sometimes hear advertisements.

Download: Spotify for Android | iPhone (Free, subscription available)


You could choose a meditation app if you don’t actually appreciate listening to music but only enjoy the sound of a calming voice. You may use one of the many free meditation apps to calm your thoughts while taking a stroll.

With Headspace, you can move while reaping the benefits of mindfulness and a good outlook. However, it’s better to avoid listening to any meditations intended to relax you while you’re out on a stroll. Fortunately, Headspace offers meditations that are especially suited for activities like yoga, dancing videos, cardio, stretches, and stretching.

DownloadiPhone | Android (Free trial available, subscription required)

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is a free podcast programme with excellent playing options, and it has a simple layout. For instance, in order to motivate you to walk more quickly, you may choose to reduce the quiet in addition to the function that speeds up playback by up to three times.

Google Podcasts with an improved UI became accessible for iOS and Android users in 2020. Google Podcasts can even start playing your content from your phone while you’re out on a stroll and finish with your Nest speakers at home if you’re a huge fan of the Google smart home ecosystem.

Download: Google Podcasts on iPhone | Android (Free)

Amazon Music

Despite not being completely free, all Amazon Prime subscribers receive access to Amazon Prime Music at no extra cost. Over two million songs and countless playlists are available on Amazon Music Prime, along with a sizable amount of celebrity-focused material.

If you’re prepared to spend a little more, Amazon’s Music Unlimited includes 75 million songs in HD and additional music not included in the free tier in addition to everything on Amazon Music Prime. According to US Magazine, Amazon Unlimited even gives you access to hundreds of celebrity-owned podcasts.

Customers of Amazon Music in the US may still listen for free to a small number of ad-supported playlists if they don’t have a Prime subscription. As an alternative, Amazon offers a free 90-day trial of Amazon Music Unlimited as a perk when you buy a qualifying product.

Download: Amazon Music for Android | iPhone (Free, subscription available)


Audible is renowned for having the largest range of audiobook titles in the whole globe if you’re seeking for an almost limitless list of listening options. If you want to hear the voice of your favourite star, Audible now offers celebrity-read novels.

Audible is a platform where Amazon creates and sells audiobooks, podcasts, and meditation tracks in addition to being a streaming channel. Audible isn’t precisely free, which is a shame. Audible offers Audible Plus ($7.95) and Premium Plus ($14.95) monthly membership rates.

However, you may sign up for a free 30-day trial that offers you one credit (or two credits for Prime members) that you can use to obtain a free audiobook that you can keep and listen to at any time. Fortunately, those who like audiobooks have a number of excellent Audible choices to choose from.

DownloadAudible (Subscription required, free trial available)

Get the Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk Experience for Free

It may not be worthwhile to get the whole Apple Fitness+ package if you just want to utilise Time to Walk. After all, there are many accessible free choices where you might have a comparable experience.

However, if you were already planning to get Apple Fitness+ for its Apple Watch connections and health advice, the new function may be a cool add-on that will undoubtedly improve your fitness journey. As an alternative, you may want to look for Apple Fitness+ substitutes that are a bit more suitable for your requirements and budget.

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