How to Get Tower Control Badge in Splatoon 3

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How to Get Tower Control Badge in Splatoon 3:- While Achievements and Trophies are a staple on modern consoles, these accomplishment systems haven’t yet made their way to Nintendo platforms. As a result, rewards systems are largely built into the game on many of the Big N’s exclusives. Case in point: Splatoon 3 is chock-full with in-game badges that you can earn. In fact, there are 260 badges that you can unlock in Ninty’s latest paint-’em-up. Wowsers!

Some like the Marie, Callie, and Grizz badges can be unlocked in story mode, while weapon-specific badges or those locked to Salmon Run can take a bit longer. Some badges can even act as a way to show off either your achievements or just how much you have been grinding the game since launch.

How to Get Tower Control Badge in Splatoon 3


How to Get Tower Control Badge in Splatoon 3

To Tower Control Badge in Splatoon 3 You Have To Complete the Following Requirements:

  • 100 Tower Control wins
  • 1,000 Tower Control wins

So, there you have it. We hope this helped to clue you in on how to get all badges in Splatoon 3. For more on the game, here’s our in-depth review and an article walking you through how to unlock the catalog & all catalog rewards. Alternatively, feel free to check out the relevant links down below.

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