How to Improve Your Chances of Winning in Warzone 2 DMZ

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How to Improve Your Chances of Winning in Warzone 2 DMZ

The DMZ mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a major hit with the franchise’s loyal players and newcomers alike. Combining the Warzone 2.0 battle royale with hot-shot AI enemies and adding an extraction element has made DMZ one of the hottest game modes of the Call of Duty franchise. Winning in the DMZ requires a different approach to a traditional battle royale, and the following tips will help you become a regular winner.


Communication is Critical to Success

You will have difficulty becoming a regular DMZ winner if you are not in constant communication with your squad. Watch YouTube clips of the best DMZ players, and you will notice they call out enemy locations, tag AI and other players, and let their teammates know their plans. You wouldn’t fire up one of the best sports betting apps in California and place bets without any forward planning, don’t expect to survive in the hostile DMZ for long without forging a plan.

Make use of the ping system if you don’t have a headset and microphone or don’t want to talk. Even the slightest slither of information is better than none when it comes to helping your squad.

Use Silencers on Your Insured Weapon


The beauty of DMZ is you can approach the open world in any way you see fit, but it is best not to rush in all guns blazing and to take a more stealthy approach. Enemy AI or bots hit hard in this mode and can down you within seconds. Other players can melt you instantly, so it is often best to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Having a silenced weapon is a good idea in the DMZ. As such, you should always apply a silencer to your insured weapon. Using a silencer vastly reduces the noise of your gun, which means you can often take out enemy bots without disturbing their allies, thus avoiding a potentially deadly firefight. In addition, your reduced noise means it is less likely that an enemy squad will hear the commotion and come hunting you.

Using a marksman or sniper rifle combined with a silencer is the dream combination. Not only can you clear out areas from afar, but your weapon’s scope also serves as a makeshift telescope, allowing you to survey upcoming locations. However, beware that most long-range scopes show sniper glint to anyone looking in your direction, but it is a trade-off worth making.

Headshot Armored AI For Life-Saving Armor Plates

Traversing the DMZ without a supply of armor plates is not a good idea. Even a single armor plate can be the difference between surviving a fight and being downed. Armor plates can be found dotted all over Al Mazrah, but they spawn randomly, so you cannot guarantee you will find any. Of course, you could buy some at a buy station, but these are often heavily guarded or in dangerous areas.

Shooting armored AI in the head always drops armor plates. Two well-placed headshots are all it takes to eliminate these formidable foes. A silenced sniper rifle is handy here because you can often get off two quick shots, down the armored AI, rush in and grab the plates, and leave before anyone notices you.

Be Extra Vigilant When Extracting

The main goal of DMZ is to make it to the extraction helicopter once you have looted enough or completed missions. During the extraction process, you and your squad are the most vulnerable because the green flare that fires skywards when you call in the chopper is seen by anyone nearby.

Be extra vigilant before calling for extraction. Check out nearby buildings for enemy players looking to hijack your route out of Al Mazrah, and look around for sniper glints. If you have a UAV or recon drone, now is the time to use it. Spot enemies and either take them out or stay out of their line of sight.

Those seeking an extraction that is usually free of enemies should complete a hostage mission. Completing the mission calls in a personal extraction helicopter for the saved hostage, and you can jump aboard with the hostage and head off to safety.

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