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How to move Servants ANYWHERE EASILY in V Rising

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In order to build your empire, a couple of servants is a need. Especially since there are a ton of chores that they can fulfill while you complete bigger and more important missions. One of which is fighting bosses. Using servants as guards of the castle is one of their most important duties. On top of this, enslaving humans can be quite a task. And so, many players would rather move their current servants to a bigger and better castle rather than go through that again. But can you move servants from one castle to another in V Rising? And if so, how do you do that?

How to move Servants ANYWHERE EASILY in V Rising

Moving Servants to a New Castle in V Rising – Is it Possible?

The ability to move servants between castles is not yet included in the game. In V Rising, employing servants is a challenging task. It should thus come as no surprise that players may desire to bring their slaves to the new Castle, but the game forbids this.

You must hire new servants if you relocate to a new castle since you cannot take your current staff with you. They cannot be moved in any manner; you can only kill them. You’ll likely see a “Move” option, but it is useless. If you attempt to utilise it, you’ll encounter a problem. While some gamers claim that shifting the servants’ coffins would let you transport them to a different castle, it did not work for many others.

The game does not let you transport Servant Coffins as a whole from one castle to another, therefore you must disassemble them in order to relocate them. You won’t get good results if you smash the servants’ coffins and rebuild them in your new Castle. As a result, you currently cannot transfer servants to another castle.

That clarifies whether or not you may transfer servants to another castle. Even though this functionality is not now accessible, it may become so in the future. Although V Rising is still under production, this functionality will presumably be included at some point. However, as of right now, V Rising does not let you to transfer your slaves to another castle. If you have any questions about this topic, look at our tutorial.

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