Marauders: How To Craft Civilian Helmet

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Marauders: How To Craft Civilian Helmet:- To craft items in Marauders, you will need to explore the Main Menu hub and select the Crafting menu option. From the menu titled “Crafting,” you have the option to create a wide variety of items, including medical supplies, weapons, and Armor. You also can assemble brand-new ships and a wide variety of turrets to put on them. However, to craft an item, you will need to unlock its recipe first. This can be done by reaching a certain level threshold and having some spare cash on hand. To unlock new crafting recipes, in addition to a certain sum of money and a certain level requirement, you also need a certain number of your available skill points.

in this game, You may need anywhere from five to twelve skill points to complete the mission. You can unlock a recipe by going to the recipe’s page and clicking the unlock button once you have the necessary amount of money, Skill points, and have reached the required level. Once a recipe has been unlocked, you will be able to craft the item using a variety of different materials that can be found by looting different areas of a Raid. On the other hand, to craft certain recipes, players will first need to fulfil a requirement from the Core Contract list. Checking for the Contract Unlock button rather than the regular Unlock button is the way to find out which recipes need a Core Contract to be finished before they can be unlocked.

Marauders: How To Craft Civilian Helmet

How To Craft Civilian Helmet in Marauders

When the player first starts the game, they are given two Civilian Helmets to put in their inventory as a starting item. First Mate Calico is the one to go to in order to purchase additional Civilian Helmets.

To Craft Craft Civilian Helmet You Need To Do following tasks

Cost Will Be $ 446

And You Will Get Following Items in Scrap

  • 50% Metal Scrap
  • 50% Junk Scrap

Where to Get Crafting Materials in Marauders

It is necessary to loot Merchant Ships, Interceptor Ships, and Raid Locations to acquire the necessary materials for crafting in the Marauder’s expansion. Inside the containers of each of the three different kinds of locations, you’ll find a wealth of resources, but you’ll also face some danger. In almost all of the Raid locations, you won’t just be facing off against computer-controlled foes but also other human players. It’s common for interceptor ships and merchant ships to have more heavily armed AI guards called Security, as well as the occasional player camping out in the Escape pods.

In any case, looting boxes and containers will allow you to find a lot of useful materials, such as cables, metal sheets, and metal scraps. We recommend that you make a list of the locations where you can find various resources and that you check the list of requirements for the item that you want to make to determine which resources you will need. You can see a list of the required resources by going to the recipe in the crafting menu and looking at the list there. An example of this is provided below.

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