How To Make Meat on a Stick In Dinkum

Last Updated on June 13, 2023 by Sam

There are three ways to do Cooking in Dinkum:

  1. Cooking Fruit or Meat on a Camp Fire or BBQ
  2. Cooking at a Cooking Table
  3. Putting items in a Keg

Additionally, the Grain Mill is used to make some other items needed for Cooking such as Flour and Sugar.

How To Make Meat on a Stick In Dinkum

To Make Meat on a Stick you require Cooking Table Machine. After this, you need to be ready with These ingredients

Basic Information

Name Meat on a Stick
Required Machine Cooking Table
Health 45
Energy 10
Buffs Max Health +45, Max Energy +10, Attack (3 minutes), Defense* (3 minutes)
Sale Price

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