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[Updaed] Shaking Tapping Codes: January 2023

Last Updated on December 28, 2022 by Emilia

Shaking Tapping is a fairly typical tap simulator that requires you to continuously tap your screen in order to get up the leaderboards for total clicks, jewels, and rebirths. You can reborn your character by exchanging your currency, increasing the value of each click.

The gems you receive from the Shaking Tapping codes listed below can be used to buy pets. These will increase your clicks, allowing you to buy more rebirths and get more gems more quickly!

List of Roblox Shaking Tapping Codes Wiki

As of today, we have listed all the available free redeem codes for Shaking Tapping. Players can redeem these codes for advanced mech, gold coins and other in-game rewards.

[Updaed] Shaking Tapping Codes: October 2022

New Valid Redeem Codes For Shaking Tapping Roblox

Shaking Tapping Codes REWARDS
GRANDMA Redeem code for the Grandma Pet (NEW)
100K Redeem code for the 100K Pet
ATRXBDAY Redeem code for the ATRX BDAY Pet
ATRX Redeem code for a YouTuber Pet
LIKES Redeem code for a 250 Likes Pet
Release Redeem code for a 650 Gems

Expired Codes

Shaking Tapping Codes REWARDS
Roblerom  Redeem for Roblerom Youtuber Pet
CookieBoi  Redeem for CookieBoi Youtuber Pet
StailerBlox  Redeem for StailerBlox Youtuber Pet
FernandaGames  Redeem for FernandaGames Youtuber Pet
JeffBlox  Redeem for JeffBlox Youtuber Pet
TH3S4CR5T6P7T  Redeem for The Secret Pet
BR3KENG3M5  Redeem for 500 Gems
Shaking  Redeem for 35K Gems
yTowakGB  Redeem for yTowakGB Youtuber Pet
Tofuu  Redeem for Tofuu Youtuber Pet

How to redeem codes for Shaking Tapping?

To redeem codes for Shaking Tapping, launch the game in Roblox. Tap on the Twitter icon found on the side of the screen. Enter any working codes into the box and click on redeem to claim your in-game reward. Ensure you copy and paste the codes from our list precisely as shown without extra spaces or capital letters.

How do I get more codes for Shaking Tapping?

You may always follow the official website to obtain more codes for the Shaking Tapping Game. Twitter is the creator of the game. Roblox Shaking Tapping Game was introduced by the developer AllinStudios. Always stay tuned to the official website to get more Shaking Tapping Game Codes.

This is all about this game code list. For more game code you can visit our game codes list. If you want to check out all Roblex game and codes list you can check out this list as well.

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