This Disney Dreamlight Valley location guide will provide you with information on everything you need to know about the Sunlit Plateau, including the critters and characters you’ll come across while exploring the area, the materials that you can discover foraging and mining, the Quests that can be unlocked, and a great deal more.

Things You can get on Sunlit Plateau

Wishing Well

The Sunlit Plateau Wishing Well is unlocked for 7,000. Once unlocked, it provides fast travel teleportation using the map.

Goofy’s Stall

Stage Upgrade Cost Seed Unlocks Seed Price
Initial Repair  3,000  Chili Pepper Seed  20
 Cotton Seed  42
Upgrade 1  7,500  Zucchini Seed  30
Upgrade 2  15,000  Soya Seed  60

Vitalys Mine

Opens during the quest Nature & Nurture. A large series of tunnels which have a variety of mining nodes and gems like Ruby and Sapphire which can only be found inside.

Elephant Graveyard

An area full of bones with a large elephant skull which is the entrance to Scar’s Cave.


Hazard Clear Using Requires
Small Wildebeest Bones Shovel Level 3 Scar’s quest Breaking Bones ( Scar Level 4)
Large Wildebeest Bones Shovel Level 4 Scar’s quest The Circle of Life ( Scar Level 7)


Sunbirds are the critter type in this biome. Their favorite food is flowers which match their feather color – each kind of bird has a different preference.

To feed them chase them as quickly as you can, as they’ll fly away quickly when they spot a player.

Name Favorite Food Liked Food
Emerald Sunbird  Green Passion Lily
 Green Rising Penstemon
Golden Sunbird  Orange Houseleek  Sunflower
 Yellow Bromeliad
Orchid Sunbird  Pink Bromeliad  Orange & Red Marsh Milkweed
Red Sunbird  Red Bromeliad
Turquoise Sunbird  Pink Houseleek
 Blue Passion Lily



Initially when reaching Sunlit Plateau there are no fishing pools available. After cleansing the area during the quest Nature & Nurture the water will be cleared and fishing pools will appear.

Name Ripples Sell Price
Bass None  25
Carp Blue  400
Perch White  80
Salmon White  150
Tilapia Blue  600
Walleye Gold  1,100
Seaweed None  20


Name Sell Price
Softwood  5
Hardwood  10
Dry Wood  25
Cherry  42
Cocoa Bean  38
Vanilla  60


Name Sell Price
Orange Houseleek  52
Pink Bromeliad  27
Pink Houseleek  35
Red Bromeliad  27
Yellow Bromeliad  73


Name Sell Price
Clay  20
Pebbles  10
Soil  3


Name Sell Price
Stone  2
Coal Ore  5
Gold Nugget  20
Iron Ore  10
Citrine  380
Shiny Citrine  1,500
Tourmaline  420
Shiny Tourmaline  1,600