Where to Find Pink Houseleek in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Where to Find Pink Houseleek in Disney Dreamlight Valley:- You’ll need flowers fairly often when playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. Perhaps you’ll need them as a crafting resource. Or maybe one of the friendly villagers might request one from you. But knowing where to find a particular flower can be tough. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Flowers are another forgeable material available in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. They aren’t particularly useful, but they can aid you in strengthening your friendships.

Below we’ve Pink Houseleek flower and the region of Disney Dreamlight Valley where they’ll spawn. Head to the relevant area, and look around. The flower isn’t guaranteed to be there, but you’re likely to find at least one. Wait a while before visiting, and more might have grown. Good luck in gathering the flowers you need.

Where to Find Pink Houseleek in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Pink Houseleek in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The region of Sunlit Plateau grows Pink Houseleek flowers that can be sold for 35 Coins.


Foraging for most of these items does not expend energy and is a great way to quickly gather materials while attending to other activities. You can either sell the flowers for Star Coins or give them as gifts to increase friendship levels for your companions.

Some of these items such as clay are rarer to forage, for example. Moana will need your help gathering three Pink Hydrangeas for the Fixing the Boat quest, so some of these items will need to be chased down early and often. The map itself does not display foragable items, so you will need to wander through each biome to pick up any certain items.

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