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[Updated] Clean Up Roblox! Codes: January 2023

Last Updated on December 28, 2022 by Emilia

Check out Clean Up Roblox if you’ve ever wanted to peek behind the scenes in Roblox! In this title, you get to choose who remains and who leaves. This refers to Clean Up Roblox’s aesthetic! is up to you; just be thoughtful about whom you eject.

List of Roblox Clean Up Codes Wiki

As of today, we have listed all the available free redeem codes for Clean Up. Players can redeem these codes for cash and other in-game rewards.

[Updated] Clean Up Roblox! Codes: October 2022


New Valid Redeem Codes For Clean Up Roblox

Clean Up Roblox! Codes REWARDS
trolling Redeem for 2k Points and +20 Playtime (New)
31Experiences Redeem for 3.1k Points and +31 Playtime (New)
Aristozal Redeem for 5k Points and +20 Playtime (New)
10KMEMBERS Redeem for 5k Points and +30 Playtime
4THOFJULY2022 Redeem for 6.4k Points and +61 Playtime
TechnoBladeNeverDies Redeem for 6.3k Points and +61 Playtime
7MVISITS Redeem for 10k Points and +120 Playtime
7MFalsePing Redeem for 10k Points and +100 Playtime
ThanksForJoining2022 Redeem for 2.5k Points and +30 Playtime
CURFORLIFE Redeem for over 10k Points and Playtime
COMMUNICATIONS Redeem for 4k Points and Playtime
WrenchTap Redeem for Free Points
TrophiesWasHere Redeem for 5k Points and Playtime
HYPERLASER Redeem for 1k Points

Expired Codes

Clean Up Roblox! Codes REWARDS
NEWMAP Free Points
MajorUpdateSoon Free reward

How to Redeem Codes in Clean Up Roblox?

Follow these simple steps to redeem codes and claim your rewards.

  • Start the game on your device
  • First click on the “@” button
  • This will be on the top left side of the screen
  • A new window will open up now
  • Copy a code given in our list
  • Paste it into this text window
  • Press the “Redeem” button to get free rewards

How to Get More New Codes?

All you have to do is follow the developers to get new codes. You can do this by checking out their Twitter account as well as their Discord server. Also, check back here to get them all in one place!

This article will cover the code list for the game. For more game code you can visit our game codes list. You can also look at this list if you want to look at the complete list of Roblox games and codes.

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Game Information

  • Title – Clean Up Roblox!
  • Publisher – TapWrench
  • Genre
  • Play  Roblox Website

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