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[Updated] SIMS 4 All Cheats Codes: January 2023

Last Updated on December 29, 2022 by Emilia

Want to spice up your Sims 4 game by using cheats? There is no more timeless combination than hacks and Sims, whether you just need a little more money, want a free home, or want to resurrect a loved one. With cheats, you may put aside unimportant issues like money or mortality and instead concentrate on having fun and messing about.

The expansion and item pack codes are included in this Sims 4 hacks guide. The majority of The Sims 4 expansions and packs come with their own set of hacks for the specific occupations, deaths, and attributes. We have a tonne of new death and trait tricks to satisfy your werewolf cravings now that the Sims 4 include werewolves thanks to the new Go Wild bundle.

You can discover tables for all the abilities, professions, and qualities you could wish to level up your Sim in thanks to the way the website has been organised. To discover the cheats you need in each section, Ctrl+F this page for the name of the expansion or pack you’re using. Additionally, there are instructions on how to use in-game hacks.

SIMS 4 All Cheats Codes


Press Ctrl + Shift + C to access the cheat console when playing Sims 4 and activate cheats. In the text area that appears, insert the cheat codes of your choice.

You must first enter “testingCheats [true/false]” in the cheat menu to access cheats marked with the “shift click” symbol. You may access new Shift-Click menu choices on Sims, objects, or the ground while testing cheats are enabled.

You may transport Sims wherever you want, add items to Sims’ needs and happiness metres, transfer Sims between families, and do additional actions with testingCheats enabled that are listed below.


It’s too realistic to spend all of your money on food and expenses. Why start your Sims from the bottom when the top is so much more entertaining? Any of these Sims 4 money cheat keywords may be entered into the cheat console to generate a large amount of money right away.

Cheats Description
kaching get 1,000 simoleons
rosebud get 1,000 simoleons (for The Sims veterans who remember it)
motherlode get 50,000 simoleons
Money [#] change household simoleons to an exact number
FreeRealEstate [on/off] enter this in neighborhood or world view to make all lots free
household.autopay_bills [true/false] Turn household bills on and off.


Use these handy UI cheats for The Sims 4 to remove game elements from your view or add extra utilities:

Cheats Description
headlineeffects [on/off] Enables or disables headline effects like plumbobs and speech bubbles
hovereffects [on/off] Disable hover effect when you mouseover a Sim
fullscreenToggle Makes the game fullscreen/windowed
fps [on/off] Display the fps on screen

Sims 4 build cheats

Cheats Description
modebb.moveobjects the Sims 4 move objects cheat is a vital one for builders, which allows you to ignore placement rules for objects
bb.showhiddenobjects buy hidden objects
bb.enablefreebuild build anywhere, even on locked lots
ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement buy items locked by careers

With an object selected you can also press Shift + [ or Shift + ] to make an object smaller or larger.

Sims 4 Live Mode cheats

Things have a way of going entirely sideways in The Sims 4 when you lose track of time. Here are some cheats to get you out of (or into, if that’s your thing) sticky situations:

Cheats Description
resetsim [firstname lastname] Resets a stuck Sim.
sims.give_satisfaction_points Gives a Sim an amount of satisfaction points.
fillmotive motive_[motive] Fills the specified motive, valid for: Bladder, Energy, Fun, Hunger, Hygiene, Social.
sims.fill_all_commodities Fills the motives for all Sims in the household.
aspirations.complete_current_milestone Completes a Sim’s current aspiration goal and awards the matching points.

Sims 4 Werewolf cheats

Most werewolf pack cheats revolve on attributes. Use attributes to instantly turn a Sim into a werewolf in the Sims 4: Werewolves pack. For the Werewolf trait, use the equip trait_trait_occultwerewolf command. In a similar vein, utilise characteristics to instantly eliminate the Werewolf trait. alternatively, remove trait_trait_occultwerewolf.

A number of features connected to werewolf ancestry and relationships are added via these trait cheats. Use the cheat characteristics to add them to a Sim. replace the bracketed portion of equip_trait_trait_[cheat] with one of the following alternatives:

Cheats Description
OccultWerewolf_DormantWolf Adds ‘Dormant Wolf’ trait
OccultWerewolf_GreaterWolfBlood  Adds ‘Greater Wolf Blood’ trait
OccultWerewolf_InitiationBonusTrait  Adds ‘Lunar Confidant’ trait
WerewolfPack_FriendA  Adds ‘Friend of the Moonwood Collective’ trait
WerewolfPack_FriendB  Adds ‘Friend of the Wildfangs’ trait

The Temperaments, which are ordinarily gained during gameplay and determine the rates at which your werewolves build rage and go on rampages, were also introduced as part of the Werewolves pack. Use the cheat attributes to give your werewolf a Temperament. equip_trait_trait_OccultWerewol_Temperament_ [temperament], substituting one of the following temperaments for the portion in brackets:

Cheats Description
AntiCapitalistCanine  Adds the ‘Anti-Capitalist Canine’ temperament
BigBadWolf Adds the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ temperament
Carnivore  Adds the ‘Carnivore’ temperament
EasilyExcitable  Adds the ‘Easily Excitable’ temperament
FeelsOutcasted  Adds the ‘Feels Outcasted’ temperament
Frisky  Adds the ‘Frisky’ temperament
GrumpyWolf  Adds the ‘Grumpy Wolf’ temperament
HatesBeingWet  Adds the ‘Hates Being Wet’ temperament
HungryLikeTheWolf  Adds the ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ temperament
Lunar_ForestMark  Adds the ‘Mark of the Forest’ temperament
Lunar_HuntMark  Adds the ‘Mark of the Hunt’ temperament
Lunar_NightMark Adds the ‘Mark of the Night’ temperament
Lunar_WolfMark  Adds the ‘Mark of the Wolf’ temperament
MustBeClean  Adds the ‘Must Be Clean’ temperament
NightWolf  Adds the ‘Night Wolf’ temperament
Prideful  Adds the ‘Prideful’ temperament
RestlessAnimal  Adds the ‘Restless Animal’ temperament
SensitiveHearing  Adds the ‘Sensitive Hearing’ temperament
SurvivalInstincts  Adds the ‘Survival Instincts’ temperament
Territorial  Adds the ‘Territorial’ temperament
WolfBrain  Adds the ‘Wolf Brain’ temperament
WrackedWithGuilt  Adds the ‘Wracked With Guilt’ temperament

Sims 4: Seasons cheats

After creating a new planet, you are unable to alter the season at will; you must instead employ a cheat. Alternately, you could use Live Mode to experience each season, but it would take far too long.

Use seasons.set_season [#] to change it at will. Each season is represented by a number:

  • Summer: 0
  • Fall: 1
  • Winter: 2
  • Spring: 3

You can also use seasons.advance_season to go forward in time by just one season.

Sims 4: Get Famous cheats

The really simple famepoints [#] command will add the specified amount of famous points to your currently chosen Sim if you wish to go up the renown ladder.


Use this list of skill codes to set your Sims’ abilities to their highest possible level or any other level you want.

To set the skill level of your Sim, use stats.set skill level [skill code] [#]. Stats.set skill level Major Writing 10 should be used in place of the skill code and desired skill level.

Use Skill_Child_[Creativity/Mental/Motor/Social], which likewise reaches a maximum of 10 for your kid Sims.

Skill Skill Code Max Level
Base Game Cooking Major_HomestyleCooking
Base Game Gourmet Cooking Major_GourmetCooking
Base Game Bartending Major_Bartending
Base Game Charisma Major_Charisma
Base Game Comedy Major_Comedy
Base Game Fishing Major_Fishing
Base Game Fitness Skill_Fitness
Base Game Gardening Major_Gardening
Base Game Guitar Major_Guitar
Base Game Piano Major_Piano
Base Game Violin Major_Violin
Base Game Handiness Major_Handiness
Base Game Mischief Major_Mischief
Base Game Painting Major_Painting
Base Game Photography Major_Photography
Base Game Programming Major_Programming
Base Game Rocket Science Major_RocketScience
Base Game Video Gaming Major_VideoGaming
Base Game Writing Major_Writing
Cats & Dogs Veterinary Major_Vet
Cats & Dogs Pet Training skill_Dog
Seasons Flower Arranging statistic_skill_AdultMajor_FlowerArranging
Seasons Skating Hidden_Skating
Get Famous Acting Major_Acting
Get Famous Media Production Minor_Media
Discover University Robotics Major_Robotics
Discover University Debate Major_ResearchDebate
Eco Lifestyle Fabrication AdultMajor_Fabrication
Eco Lifestyle Juice Fizzing AdultMinor_JuiceFizzing
Journey to Batuu Lightsaber skills Skill_Fitness
Snowy Escape Rock Climbing Major_RockClimbing
Snowy Escape Skiing Major_Skiing
Snowy Escape Snowboarding Major_Snowboarding
Paranormal Medium Minor_Medium
Cottage Living Cross stitch Skill_CrossStitch

This game code list is everything. Our game codes list has more. This list has all Roblox games and codes.

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