All Pipe Cleaners locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The most recent update to the widely played game Disney Dreamlight Valley included the addition of a great deal of brand new content. It makes perfect sense that there would be a significant number of characters from this series considering that it is called the “Toy Story update.”

Pipe Cleaners locations

All Pipe Cleaners locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

All five required Pipe Cleaners will be found in candy piles around Bonnie’s room. These piles will require players to use their pickaxes to break.

  1. The first Pipe Cleaner can be found in the candy mountain that is immediately adjacent to the Toy Story Realm’s primary entrance.
  2.  The second one can be found within the garment cabinet that is situated to the left of Bonnie’s bed. Players will have been here quite a few times by the time Buzz Lightyear is unlocked, and as a result, they should be familiar with the route to take to get there.
  3. The third one can be found on the floor at the foot of Bonnie’s bed. It can be found in front of the flower table and to the right of the pillow that features a yellow rainbow.
  4. The fourth one is tucked away behind the turn of the race track so that it is not easily seen. Players can access this one by exploring the blue book with clouds and musical notes printed on it that is located in the far corner of the room.
  5. The fifth Pipe Cleaner can be found in the nook on the right side of Bonnie’s bed, next to the book about Easter eggs. During Buzz Lightyear’s quest, there were many opportunities for players to participate in scavenger hunts, and this location was one of the stops that they made frequently.

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