All Origami Animals locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The most recent update to the widely played game Disney Dreamlight Valley included the addition of a great deal of brand new content. It makes perfect sense that there would be a significant number of characters from this series considering that it is called the “Toy Story update.”

All Origami Animals locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

All Origami Animals locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After the players have returned to Woody in the Toy Story Realm with the necessary items, he will give them a new mission that requires them to search Bonnie’s bedroom for hidden items. In this one, they will be asked to locate the misplaced Origami Animals that belong to Bonnie’s farm.

The first Origami Animal that players will encounter is a penguin, and it can be found in the same hidden corner where they have discovered many items.

The second one is an elephant, and it can be found directly in front of the play kitchen.

The third Origami Animal is an additional elephant, and it can be found by the red backpack close to the entrance of the Toy Story Realm.

Because it is tucked away in the corner part of the folded closet door, the fourth one is extremely well hidden, but it is also easy to miss because of its location. It is a young turtle that is green in color.

Because it is relatively flat and unassuming, the fifth Origami Animal is sometimes overlooked. The purple butterfly can be found close to the Easter egg book and the farm that the players are assisting Bonnie in building.

Ayers will need to have another conversation with Woody once they have gathered all of the Origami Animals from Bonnie’s farm. The toy sheriff will express his gratitude to the players for their assistance, and the players will then extend an invitation to him to settle down in Dreamlight Valley.

Woody will say that he wants to come to the village, but before he can do so, the players will need to prepare a home for him. After that, players will be tasked with constructing Woody’s Carousel, which can be done at a cost of 10,000 Star Coins. The structure will be in a rather dilapidated state, but it will be repairable in the future and it will be livable for Woody as soon as it is placed, so he will move in right away.

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