Where to Get Conch in Tower Of Fantasy

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Where to Get Conch in Tower Of Fantasy: There are a ton of dishes you can cook in Tower of Fantasy to heal HP, relieve Satiety, and even empower your character with a buff or two. But before you can enjoy mouth-watering meals, you first need to do a little cooking. You’ll find cooking robots all over Aida, marked by an icon of a cooking pot on the World Map. And before you can make coherent dishes, you first need to find recipes.

Where to Get Conch in Tower Of Fantasy


Where to find recipes in Tower of Fantasy

There are three main ways you can find recipes in the game:

  1. Interact with Cooking Vendors, such as Margarette from Banges, and they’ll have some recipes in stock.
  2. Complete quests and get a chance to get recipes in return.
  3. You can unlock most dishes in the game by experimenting with ingredients through the Creation menu.

Where to Get Conch in Tower Of Fantasy

If you want to know where you can find Conch in Tower of Fantasy, this is how you do it. As mentioned earlier, Conch is a food item that can are only dropped by Ravages once they are slain.

You can find Conch at Found on beach west of Mt. Woochu in Banges, and islands west of Navia in the Tower of Fantasy.

I Hope This Guide Will Help You To Find Your Ingredients In Tower of Fantasy. This Ingredients will help you to cook different Items In Tower Of Fantasy.

How to cook in Tower of Fantasy

Visit any cooking robot marked by an icon of a pot in the Map and interact with it to open the cooking menu. There are two ways you can cook a dish. If you already own the recipe, you can choose the dish you want to make under the Cooking tab and make as many as you want.

If you haven’t unlocked the corresponding recipe, head to the Creation tab and put together the ingredients listed in the recipes below to attempt to make the dish. You can increase the success rate by using a higher ingredient quantity. Once you’ve unlocked the recipe, it will appear in the Cooking tab and will have a 100 percent success rate upon creation.

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