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Best Base Locations In Ark Fjordur

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Sam

It’s simple to get the Fjordur addition for Ark Survival Evolve. Finding the ideal places to build up the base is the key effort in Fjordur. We will describe the maps and GPS coordinates for the ideal sites on Fjordur in this guide. Both of the locations mentioned are ideal for PVE, PVP, or alpha bases on Fjordur.

Best Base Locations In Ark Fjordur

Best PvE Base Locations In Ark: Fjordur

There are two waterfalls on each side of the entryway, beginning with the first base. Additionally, there is plenty of space inside to put up traps in case you are raided. You have access to a lot of materials as well. Both PvE and PvP are well-suited to this base location. The location is as follows:

  • Latitude: 10.8
  • Longitude: 62.6

The Underworld

This place is for you if you’ve ever pondered what it must be like to live in a cave. One of the greatest places to set up shop is in this cavern. In PvP, the adversaries will have difficulty raiding it. However, in terms of your comfort, you don’t only have a lovely and spacious room to live in. It provides you with a wide range of resources, from water to other essentials. Its coordinates are as follows:

  • Latitude: 29.2
  • Longitude: 39.4

Personal Island

As the name suggests you can turn this area into your very own personal island. Here are its coordinates:

  • Latitude: 34.9
  • Longitude: 94.6

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