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How to Get Titanium and Make Titanium Ingots

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You’ll eventually convert your first little wooden raft to a much larger one. As you go through the Raft game’s stages, everything will take place. If you want to make the majority of the things better. In order to forge titanium ingots, you will require titanium. There is no getting around the necessity for this. This post will teach you how to get titanium and produce titanium ingots in Raft.

How to Get Titanium and Make Titanium Ingots

How to get Titanium Ore in Raft

Titanium ore may be obtained in a number different methods, some of which are considerably simpler than others.

First, you may use a metal detector and a shovel to go treasure hunting on an island to discover titanium ore. Finding additional resources than only titanium ore when treasure seeking is exciting. If you’re fortunate, you’ll also be able to obtain achievements while doing this! There is a good probability that you may encounter Safes and Briefcases when searching for riches. Don’t disregard them since there’s a potential that they might contain Titanium Ore among other resources.

In Tangaroa, titanium ore is also abundant. There are several structures and hidden places to discover all throughout the island. Although these cases spawn randomly, many of the briefcases and safes scattered around Tangarao will contain titanium ore. You will be able to purchase 2x Titanium Ore at a time in exchange for 3x Trash Cubes and 1x Trade Coin after your reputation has grown sufficiently to unlock Tier 3 at the Trading Post.

Titanium Ore Location

It’s conceivable that you won’t be able to find titanium ore even using the information mentioned above. Consequently, in order to help you even more. We have included a few areas to help you start your search for titanium ores. There is virtually always titanium ore in these places. The greatest spot to start your search is Tangaroa Island due of its size and accessibility. The indigenous structures on this island could hold containers carrying titanium ore. The precise position of these containers, however, is arbitrary; they might be found in a wide range of buildings and on a wide range of levels.

It is thus strongly advised that you review each level. As a consequence, some Titanium Ore will almost certainly be found. To get a jump start on your Titanium Ore collection, stop by Tangaroa’s Secret Basement and the area beneath the crane in the Storage Area. A large portion of the resource is present in each of these places. Additionally, Caravan Island has titanium ore. Metal Detector may be found adjacent to the Blueprint. Look for titanium ore deposits on the remaining islands with the metal detector.

Making Titanium Ingots: A Process

You may start producing titanium ingots after you’ve acquired the titanium ore. In a smelter, titanium ingots may be produced. It just takes 120 seconds for the Titanium Ore and Planks to be transformed into a Titanium Ingot after being placed into the Smelter.

You may update or unlock components like the engine controls, large storage, battery charger, water tank, electric purifier, and other things after you have the titanium ingots.

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