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Dinkum: How to Kill a Shark

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You may wish to get rid of sharks since they are pesky animals who bite at you when you are just attempting to swim across your islands. Or maybe an NPC has asked you to get some Flakes, which Sharks drop. In any event, you are moving in the correct direction—that is, toward killing a shark.

Dinkum: How to Kill a Shark

How to Kill a Shark And Get Flake from a shark in Dinkum

Although they may seem frightening at first, if you understand how they behave, they are really pretty simple to kill. By striking a shark once and then backing away, you can completely escape being bitten. By doing this, you may lure the shark into biting after you’ve moved on while maintaining your health. Of course, mastering it will take some time.

A weapon is the first thing you need. To do this, you must exchange permit points for Fletch’s hunting licence. Now that you have the weapon blueprints, you may create any weapon of your choosing.

Required Item To Make Basic Spear

  • 1x Gum Wood Plank and
  • 1x Tin Bar

You may now have your weapon after completing this on the crafting table.

Make sure you are not in the water when you locate and approach a shark while carrying the spear. You could be bitten by the shark’s teeth if you fall in. Continue to be on shore, then spear the shark. If you’re not near the water, it won’t be able to attack you. The shark will eventually start to flee, however. Stepping into the water will be necessary to entice it back and kill it.

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