How To Block & Report Players In Overwatch 2

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How To Block & Report Players In Overwatch 2:- The newly released version of Overwatch, which can be played for free and offers full support for playing across platforms, will make it simpler for you to play with your loved ones and friends.

If you want to compete in some ranked matches, you must be familiar with how to invite other players into your game. because collaborating with people you already know is bound to be more fun than doing so with strangers

How to Block and Report Players in Overwatch 2

How to Block and Report Players in Overwatch 2

If a player is harassing you or a friend via voice chat or text chat, this is how you can block and report them in OW 2.

  • Go to the Social tab from the main menu, after a game where you encountered the toxic player.
  • Click on Recent Players from the menu on the top.
  • Right-click on the player’s name and from the options that appear choose to either Block or Report them.
  • If you Report, you will be asked the reason behind it.
    • Abusive Chat
    • Gameplay Sabotage
    • Inactivity
    • Spam
    • Cheating
    • Bad Battletag
  • Choose the category that’s most appropriate and click on Continue to confirm the report.

How to Unblock Players in OW 2?

If you change your mind about a certain player, you can unblock them easily. Find the player’s name under Recent Players and right-click on their name to see the options. Select Unblock and they will be immediately unblocked.

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