How to Change Appearance in Darktide

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Darktide players have now access to a Mourningstar barbershop. As of the 1.07 patch, Darktide beta players can change their appearance in Darktide.

How to Change Appearance in Darktide

You will need to visit the Mourning Star if you are looking to change your Darktide appearance. Turn left at the first junction to continue on the path. Turn left at the Armory Exchange and follow the sign to the second window. This will be the one facing the path, not the one leading to the missions table. Now you can see the back wall and the shutters will be lifted so that you can find a new barbershop.

Talk to Oska Krall (the Chirurgeon aboard the Mourningstar) in the barbershop. You will be able to change the appearance of your character by entering the menu. The only customization options available to you are those that affect your character’s sexual features. You can change the hair color, hair style, and markings. After you have changed your appearance, you can confirm it by clicking finalize appearance at the bottom right.

It’s good to know that Ogryns who have the Imperial Edition of Darktide can now use this feature to add their cosmetic body markings to their Ogryn when they go live with the cosmetics. This means that you don’t have to create a new Ogryn in order to receive your Imperial Edition goodies.

You cannot alter the character’s sex, homeworld, or voice at the time this article was written. This is to alter the appearance of your character.

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