How to Special Attack in Darktide

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Special Attacks can be used by certain classes with certain weapons. The game is not clear enough to explain how it works. The game shows you a picture of the mouse key and the 5 to use. However, it needs to be more clear. The first thing you should do when looking for how to attack Darktide is to open the game’s settings.

How to Special Attack in Darktide

Press escape to open the options screen. Click on keybinding and then go to the weapon special actions keybinding. This will complete the third. Then, you should change it to an acceptable option. We found V’ to have an unused key that made some sense to us. This allows you to use Darktide’s special attack more reliably. You can use another keybind if it makes sense to you. However, it shouldn’t override any existing one.

If you were stuck in the tutorial mission, you’d see the keybind update as a sign that you have changed it.

Once you’re done, you can use your Weapon Special button for special attacks with eligible weapons. ss

The right thumbstick Xbox-Stick-R-Down is used to activate special attacks if you are using a controller. This is useful for anyone who plans to play on Gamepass or Windows Store, as well as those who are preparing for the inevitable console launch.

You can apply special attack in Darktide to your weapons once you have learned how to do it. Many weapons can have special attacks of some kind. The flashlights on most guns can be used to help you find dark areas in-game. Force Swords, on the other hand, can harness peril to deal bonus damage and attacks. You can press the special button whenever you receive a new gun or melee weapon.

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