How to Craft Flint Spear | Stats, Spawn Command | Valheim

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This is a guide to the Flint Spear Weapon in Valheim. Learn the crafting recipe for the Flint Spear, How to craft, what materials are needed to craft and upgrade it, spawn command, and all stats and information.

Stats of Flint Spear

Name Flint Spear
Discription If your eye marks a thing for death, let your arm send the messenger.
Type Spears
Damage Pierce: 20/38
Max Damage 38
Backstab 3x
Knockback 20
Item Spawn Code SpearFlint

Crafting Recipe

To Craft Flint Spear you need To collect all required ingredients. That you can find on different different area in Valheim. for the club you need 5 Wood, 10 Flint, 2 Leather scraps. 

Spawn Code

If you’re not afraid of using cheats to gain access then the Club can be easily created by using this command on the console.

To create the item start by turning on cheat codes by entering commands on the console F5. After that, utilize the “SpearFlint” command to create the item.

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