How to Craft Repair Kit In Harvestella

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In Harvestella crafting is an essential feature in order to progress through the main story as well as help make life easier for the denizens and yourself in the game. With crafting, you’ll be able to build bridges, break large boulders, and help you build your own farm. In this guide we’ll cover how to start crafting in Harvestella and a crafting tutorial.

How to Craft Repair Kit In Harvestella

How to Craft In Harvestella

To craft in Harvestella, you have to use the Crafting Table in your house to build anything. You will need to collect the required materials before you can craft the certain tool you’re looking to make. Each time you craft something, it will cost you some in-game time to make.

The moment you the Harvestella crafting features, you’re given a limited range of things to craft until you can unlock more. At the beginning of the game, you’re only able to craft essentials that help you get started on your farm and a convenient tool to help you fast travel to your home.

You will be able to unlock more crafting recipes as you keep playing Harvestella. Either continue to progress the main story of the game or take the time to complete some side quests.

How to Craft Repair Kit In Harvestella

To Craft Repair Kit in Harvestell You Need Lumber x1, Hard Stone x1. It  Can be learned from Dainthus starting on Day 6. Repair Kit Will repair broken bridges and others.


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