How to Get Scurvydogs in Return to Monkey Island

by Sam

The game Return to Monkey Island is an adventure point-and-click game that recently came out. It is a sequel to Tales of Monkey Island. You are again going to play as Guybrush Threepwood as you revisit iconic locations found in the series.

In one of the quests, you need to find a coin to buy Scurvydogs and we are going to show you where it is located.

How to Get Scurvydogs in Return to Monkey Island

How to Get Scurvydogs in Return to Monkey Island

To the right of the screen is an archway with purple roses around it. The couple departs through it and asks that the kids stop following them. One of the kids, Chuckie, suggests that the two of them head back to the shops to buy some Scurvydogs. At this point, you take control of one of the kids and if you try to leave the area, you won’t be able to, so you’ll need to get to work on acquiring those Scurvydogs!

In your sack in the bottom left of the screen, you can open it to find your items and interact with them. For now, there’ll just be a ToDo List that says: “Get Scurvydogs”. Go to the Outhouse to the left, next to the barrier and try to interact with it. It’ll be locked, but finding a way to unlock it will now be added to your ToDo List.

Now go into the Scurvydog Shop, which is the one with the red roof next to the parrot and sleeping Pirate. Take a look at the Key that’s hanging on the Pegleg, just by the window as you enter. Interact with it first, then choose the option to Snag the Key. Asking about any of the items hanging from the shop will lead to the shop vendor telling you the price of them, but you don’t have any money. For Scurvydogs, you’ll need to find a piece of eight, so you better get exploring. Chuckie has a great idea, which is to explore the Outhouse, so make your way back over there.

Wander back over to the Outhouse, then unlock it with the newly-acquired Outhouse Key. Inside, there’s a grate on the floor, a toilet and a pipe with running water. Interact with everything as you like, but the most important thing in this room is the little metal thing that sits just below and to the right of the grate. When you interact with it, Chuckie will tell you it’s a slug – that people use as fake coins. Peel it from the floor, then go back to the Scurvydog Shop.
Hand over your “piece of eight” to the Vendor and you’ll be given two Scurvydogs in return. With that finished, you can now head through the archway with the roses to the right (the same one the couple went through).

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