How To Find The Mop-Handle Tree In Return To Monkey Island

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How To Find The Mop-Handle Tree In Return To Monkey Island:- Return to Monkey Island begins with Guybrush looking to find both a ship and a crew so that he can finally discover the secret of Monkey Island. However, after speaking with Melee Island’s new pirate leaders, it soon becomes clear that doing so isn’t going to be possible. As a result, the mighty pirate decides to hitch a ride onboard the ship of his mortal enemy LeChuck, who also happens to be planning a voyage to the series’ titular island.

How To Find The Mop-Handle Tree In Return To Monkey Island

How To Find The Mop-Handle Tree In Return To Monkey Island

Go back to Wally as he is the one who instructed Guybrush to speak with the Cook. I’m hunting for a tree to create a silly mop from, you might now say to him. He claims that he can make a map for you, but in order to do so, he needs a scrap of mop wood. You might have noticed that Wally’s desk’s box has the Monocle once more. Take this one as well, then leave the store.

Return to the International House of Mojo by crossing the street. If you had earlier looked around the store, you would have noticed a Knife near the bottom of the display. Enter the store, look at it, and then declare, “I really want this.” Return to the Scumm Bar by the docks with your new Knife to find a new customer there.

Go back to the kitchen and use your knife to try to pry a slither off the mop. Even if you attempt to take it, you will be warned to keep away from it. Instead, re-discuss the new patron at the Scumm Bar with the Cook. You might offer to deliver the cook a recipe so that he can make the specific food that he requests. If you inquire about the dish’s components, you are informed that the patron is unaware of them and that the Governor’s Mansion should be your next trip.

Retrace your steps past Maps-n-More and the International House of Mojo, then ascend High Street. While you’re here, take a peek inside the prison, which is on the right and placed immediately before the arches, to view two more recognisable faces.

Guybrush will remark that if you examine the locks on both prison cells, only one still bears the cell number, although the lettering is too small to read. Use a Monocle on the lock after opening your inventory. Guybrush will record a Serial Number; the final step is to find a locksmith. Fortunately, a new locksmith business has opened up right next to the jail.

Give Locke Smith the serial number from the jail lock after speaking with her inside. She will give you a Prison Lock Key so you may go immediately and release Otis. Examine the Crackers and the Purple Book beside the window before you leave the store. The Locksmith will warn you not to touch the crackers when you interact with them since they are her final batch.

Exit the jail, then proceed through the arches and up to the Governor’s Mansion on the left.

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