How to Get Chug Cannon In Fortnite Season 4

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How to Get Chug Cannon In Fortnite Season 4:- Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4’s treasure pool has several weapons and healing supplies, but its Mythic and Exotic weaponry isn’t readily visible. There are five of these weapons left, making them the rarest ones in the battle royale, so you’ll need to move quickly. All mythic and exotics in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 may be found here.

This guide will help you locate all the mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4.

How to Get Chug Cannon In Fortnite Season 4

How to Get Chug Cannon In Fortnite Season 4

The Chug Cannon can be purchased with 600 Gold from Kyle at The Chop Shop, a landmark northeast of Logjam Junction.

This season, Fortnite had us a bunch of exotic and mythic weapons. However, this season’s mythic weapons are exceptional. Now, if you are thrilled with these weapons, read through the end of this guide.

You can find these weapons in the Herald’s SanctumLustrous LagoonReality TreeLast Legs, or in any area of the map that is covered by chrome. You can see this inside the chests that are chrome-covered. If you spot one, there is a high possibility that an EvoChrome weapon is inside.

Moreover, there is a faster way to obtain the EvoChrome Burst Rifle in the mythic rarity already. Just go to the Herald’s Sanctum and defeat the Herald. When the EvoChrome Burs Rifle is obtained in this way, it will be called  The Herald’s Burst Rifle.

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