How to Get out of the Hold In Return To Monkey Island

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How to Get out of the Hold In Return To Monkey Island:- You are imprisoned on LeChuck’s ship in the second half of this game, and it is up to you to figure out how to change their plan, conceal your identity, and get friendly with your new coworkers. LeChuck himself being aboard could make it challenging, but don’t worry; with our assistance, the problems in this act will start to make sense.

How to Get out of the Hold In Return To Monkey Island

How to Get out of the Hold In Return To Monkey Island

Look about you and take a closer look at the things and hens that are there. Meet Murray, the famous talking skull from previous video games, as you open the package. He will admit to you that he is the Captain Madison’s Mêlée-based spy aboard LeChuck’s ship.

Grab the flyer, some chicken feed from the container on the left, then your mop from the rack on the right.

The ladder will neatly be replaced with a new one when you clean away the grease buildup at the bottom of it.

Swab the three screws in the porthole on the other wall with the grease mop in hand.

You may use the ceremonial knife to remove the screws now that they have been lubricated. The porthole will come off once all three screws have been removed. Guybrush will advise that attempting to leave now will make it too narrow for you to get through, so take up the mop once again and add some grease from the floor to the porthole. To sufficiently grease the porthole, repeat this procedure three times in all.

Note:- On Casual Mode, you only have to swab the already-open porthole. There are no screws to unscrew.

Sit beside the ship’s right side and use the rope ladder to scale the railing. To confront LeChuck and the rest of his zombie crew, turn to the right. He says he will be keeping the map to the Secret of Monkey Island locked up in his cabin and that he has it. You’ll also be tasked with locating a flattened skull by him.

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