How to get Spin Roblox Blox Fruit

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Spin Roblox Blox Fruit:- In the game Roblox Blox Fruits, devil fruits are magically powered weapons that deal massive damage to foes and bosses. The total number of devil fruits available in the game is 23. Each devil fruit has a distinct elemental power that it deals and a unique moveset that is connected to that element. Depending on the fruit, some devil fruits even have two different movesets.

Spin Roblox Blox Fruit

How to get Spin Roblox Blox Fruit

The Blox Fruit Dealer will sell you the Spin Blox Fruit for the price of $7,500, which is equivalent to 75 Robux. This Fruit is of the Natural type. In addition to that, there is a good chance that the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin will sell it to you at some point. The feature was introduced in Update 15 This fruit has a 100% chance of being available for purchase, but only a 12% chance of naturally occurring within the game world. It grants the user the ability to spin, which can be utilised for flight.

Pro And Cons Of Spin In Blox Fruit Roblox

Pro Cons
All moves has AOE except flight. It Only has one ranged move
Good combos. Tornado Assault is hard to land
Have 2 travel moves (Tornado and Helicopter) Not good against teamers
Very Cheap Not recommended for any level
Its flight speed is slightly faster than a boat

Spin Movesets in Roblox Blox Fruit Roblox

Key Attack Name Description Mastery Level Required
Z Razor Wind The user spins their hand and makes many wind slashes that does damage to anyone in front of them. It can be held for more damage. 1
X Tornado Assault The user spins all of their body to make a tornado that deals decent damage and send opponents into the air. 50
C Spinning Bomber The user spins and fires 5 bombs. 90
F Helicopter Flight The user spins their hands really fast to start flying. 25


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