How To Get The Weapon In Scorn

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You’ll find a strange “garden” with pulsating bulbous stalks if you go through either of the doors in the atrium’s left or right wing. Keep going straight until you reach a large tree in the middle of the area; when you get there, there will be a control panel for you to use to start the harvesting machine.

Employ the flying drone to retrieve the cylinder labelled “battery” that is directly in front of you, then deliver it to the large tree in the centre of the arena. There is a glowing open port slot that this item can easily be inserted into. To raise the shutters, you will need to use the terminal that appears in front of you, close to the tree.

But we can’t leave yet. We need more batteries. To do that, we need our first weapon.

How To Get The Weapon In Scorn

How To Get The Weapon In Scorn

Go back to the central atrium of the building and find the viewing platform that has the window facing the large bio-organic “tree” that we were tinkering with earlier. Move closer to the cannister pod that is buried in the ground. As we get closer, it will raise itself to meet us automatically.

After it has risen, you can interact with the cannister to remove a device that resembles a Jackhammer. This is a close-quarters fighting weapon that can launch two attacks before needing to recharge.

Now that we have the Jackhammer, we can interact with more machines.

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