How To Get The Wrist Spike Device In Scorn

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You will find yourself in an empty room with a door that is locked when you first enter. There is nothing else that can be done at this time; leave through the other passageway, and continue along the walkway. Proceed forward through the eerie hallways until you reach a door that is only partially shut.

Use the door that is only partially open (accessible via the right passage from the main atrium) to your advantage in order to gain access to a new interior room.

You will have the chance to obtain a mechanism that will allow you to interact with various other machines and door locks within this room.

How To Get The Wrist Spike Device In Scorn

How To Get The Wrist Spike Device In Scorn

Once you have made it through the open door, proceed to the machine that is on the left. When you interact with the slot, your character will put his hand in it, resulting in an unpleasant-looking device being stapled to his hand.

You now have access to the room’s machinery and can engage with it. Locate the control switch with its face directed toward the large shutter. After inserting the wrist-spike, you are now able to utilise this device.

NOTE: To move faster, press [LB / L1] to sprint.

  • Opening The Shutter: Interact with the control panel facing the shutter after gaining the wrist-spike.
    • Select the left option and interact to unlock it.
    • Select the right option to open the door.

After exiting the machinery controls, quickly rush through the door before it shuts. You’ll reach the large spiral-ramp tower chamber you viewed earlier. Time to see what’s up there.

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