List Of All Devil Fruits: A One Piece Game Island Game

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You can get Devil Fruits by finding them in chests or under trees, buying them from the shop for Robux, or buying them from Logue Town for either Beli or Robux.

Devil Fruits can be found in the crates that show up all over town at random times. On the other hand, only 0.1 percent of chests will have a Devil Fruit inside.

Also, Devil Fruits can grow naturally under trees and show up every 30 minutes. They go away after an hour, though. If a player buys the Devil Fruit Notifier game pass, they will be notified every time a new fruit is found, along with information about which island it is on. On the other hand, it doesn’t say where exactly the fruit is.

You can also talk to the shopkeeper in Logue Town about getting some Devil Fruits. You will be given a random fruit that can be bought for either 25 million Beli or 1000 Robux.

You can also get Devil Fruits by taking part in raids. [Also You can Read:- A One Piece Game Codes]

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit List

Devil Fruit Type
Barrier Fruit Paramecia
Bomb Fruit Paramecia
Buddha Fruit Zoan
Chop Fruit Paramecia
Dark Fruit Logia
Dragon Fruit Zoan
Fire Fruit Logia
Flower Fruit Paramecia
Gas Fruit Logia
Gravity Fruit Paramecia
Ice Fruit Logia
Invisible Fruit Paramecia
Leopard Fruit Zoan
Light Fruit Logia
Lightning Fruit Logia
Magma Fruit Logia
Magnet Fruit Paramecia
Mochi Fruit Paramecia
Operation Fruit Paramecia
Paw Fruit Paramecia
Phoenix Fruit Zoan
Quake Fruit Paramecia
Rubber Fruit Paramecia/Zoan
Sand Fruit Logia
Smoke Fruit Logia
Soul Fruit Paramecia
String Fruit Paramecia
Venom Fruit Paramecia

How to Use Devil Fruits

Users of the Devil Fruit have been shown to be unable to swim, which is true to the original series. If they go into the water, they will start taking one point of damage every second right away. If, on the other hand, the player chooses to be a Fish-man, the damage done per second will go down. Also, after eating the Magma Fruit and the Ice Fruit, the user can walk on water, and after eating a number of other fruits, they can fly over the ocean. People who eat Devil Fruit have to use ships to get across the ocean.

Also, the player can only use one of the Devil Fruit abilities at a time. Since the player’s ability is saved when they leave the game, they can’t change it even if they leave and then come back to the server. Before they can change their fruit ability, they have to pay the businessman in Logue Town 5 million Beli to have their ability taken away. Before they can change their fruit ability, they have to do this. Players can also get rid of their fruit ability by buying the gamepass for 500 Robux or by entering certain promotional codes.

Even though they can only use one skill at a time, they can store a lot of different fruits in their inventory that they can trade with other players.

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