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Map of Rare Flower Locations in Fjordur: ARK Survival Evolved

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In ARK: Survival Evolved, the resource Rare Flowers is appropriately titled given its difficulty to locate. In particular, the Exceptional Kibble and Mindwipe Tonics, which reset your Engram points, need them. They are also required for a few useful crafting recipes. With the aid of our ARK: Survival Evolved map guide, you can locate these flowers in Fjordur.

Map of Rare Flower Locations in Fjordur: ARK Survival Evolved

Ark Fjordur Rare Flower Locations

The three locations on the Fjordur map where it is best to cultivate Rare Flowers are as follows: You may locate a distinctive rock formation that denotes the existence of Rare Flowers at each of these three places.

Ark Fjordur Rare Flower Locations

You should find a rune next to a tiny circle of short stone pillars at around 65 latitude and 7 longitude. If you need additional assistance getting there, look at our map below.

Ark Fjordur Rare Flower Locations

You may go to 13 latitude, 63 longitude, which is close to the northeastern corner of the Fjordur, if you didn’t start on the shore. Here is a sizable mountain range, and on top of this ridge is another stone pillar circle that contains the Rare Flowers.

You may reach a location around the northeastern corner of the map by using these coordinates. You’ll discover a rock formation at these coordinates that is made up of eight rock pillars around a single huge boulder.

Near this rock formation, there will be a tonne of Rare Blooms (the pink and blue flowers) on the ground. You may either climb on your horse and right-click numerous flowers at once to farm them, or you can use your sickle to dig them out of the ground.

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