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Ark Fjordur Ferox Taming Guide – Where to Find, How to Tame a Ferox

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When peaceful, Ferox is a sweet tiny thing, but when you give it an element, it transforms into a vicious big beast. Since they may be ridden and employed for a few attacks, such as melee punches or even missiles at targets, players will be on the lookout for Ferox. You may learn how to tame a Ferox by following the instructions in our Ark Fjordur Ferox Taming Guide.

Ark Fjordur Ferox Taming Guide – Where to Find, How to Tame a Ferox

Ark Fjordur Ferox Location

Make sure you have enough of Element on hand before setting out to tame a Ferox since it is necessary. This is due to the lovely way this tiny creature would respond when it wants to be fed an element.

Now that you’re prepared, go all the way west in the snowy area of the map, precisely at [Lat: 20.9, Lon: 8.1]. You arrive at the foot of a huge mountain where a rocky outcrop points upward. Due to its distinctive form, the mountain is quite simple to locate, and the entrance to the little cave will be at the specified coordinates, facing northeast.

Ferox can only be discovered in the Ferox Cave, but happily, there are many of them there, so you won’t have to worry about needing to make several runs to locate one.

To start, keep in mind that Dire Wolves and Polar Bears may also spawn in Ferox Cave, so be prepared to fight back when you enter. You needn’t worry about being ambushed since there aren’t many of them.

How to Tame Ferox in Ark Fjordur

It is advisable to first kill any Direwolves and Dire Bears you encounter once inside the cave since they will only impede your progress. A few adorable Ferox will be running about the cave and pursuing you as well. Getting rid of all lower level Ferox will leave you alone with your selected Ferox, which is what you should do as you clearly want the highest level Ferox to tame.

The procedure that follows is quite straightforward, but as the animal changes into its bigger, more aggressive form, you must hide from it. It takes a while since every time you give a Ferox any Element, it advances its taming bar by just 5%, which means you have to keep feeding it Element and finding high ground to hide in.

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals, invite a Ferox to come to you and, as soon as it permits it, give it an element. When you hotbar an element, it will highlight itself in the hotbar and let you know when you may give it to a ferox, making this simple. When you’ve finished doing this, run away and hide on the platforms above while the Ferox is still in its hostile state. You may approach the Ferox again and continue the procedure until it eventually becomes calmer and shrinks back to its modest size.

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