The newest Generation 9 Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV). Find out everything you need to know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, from the best Starter Pokemon to the Paldea Region map and walkthroughs for each storyline to the complete Paldea Region Pokedex with all the new Pokemon!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet wiki

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the newest additions to the Pokemon series, released on November 18, 2022 and can now be purchased from local retailers and the Nintendo eShop!

Pokemon Gym Guides

Pokemon Gym Guides

Cortondo Gym

Artazon Gym

Levincia Gym

Cascarrafa Gym

Medali Gym Montenevera Gym
Alfornada Gym Glaseado Gym

Pokémon-related Guide

Pokémon-related Database
Paldea Region Pokedex Pokémon List by Region
New Pokémon List Starter Pokémon List
Shiny Pokémon Gallery Pokémon Base Stats
TM List and Locations HM List and Locations
TR List and Locations New Move List
New Ability List Pokemon Home Transfer Exclusives


Item-related Database
Poke Ball List Healing Item List
Held Item List Berry List
Evolution Item List Shop Item List
New Item List


Main Characters

All Main Playable Characters
Florian (Scarlet) Juliana (Scarlet)
Florian (Violet) Juliana (Violet)


Professors Characters
Professor Sada Professor Turo
Clavell (Scarlet) Clavell (Violet)

Academy Teachers

Academy Teachers Characters

Other Academy Students

Other Academy Student Characters
Nemona Arven

Gym Leaders

Gym Leaders Characters
Grusha Brassius

Other Characters

Other Characters
Team Star Grunt (Scarlet) Team Star Grunt (Violet)
Mela Geeta

List of All Item Categories

List Of Items Category Wise
Medicine Evolution Stones
Poke Balls Held Items
Evolution Items Treasures
Tera Shards TM Materials
Berries Vitamins
Battle Items Key Items
Training Items Mints
Sandwiches Ingredients