Held Items are helpful items that Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet can hold while they are engaged in battle (SV). Continue reading to discover the affects that each Held Item has on your character!

List of All Held Items

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV) List of All Held Items

In-Battle Held Items

Ability Shield
Assault Vest
Big Root
Black Belt
Black Glasses
Covert Cloak
Damp Rock
Dragon Fang
Electric Seed
Focus Band
Hard Stone
Heat Rock
Light Clay
Loaded Dice
Miracle Seed
Mirror Herb
Muscle Band
Mystic Water
Never-Melt Ice
Normal Gem
Poison Barb
Quick Claw
Scope Lens
Sharp Beak
Shell Bell
Silk Scarf
Silver Powder
Soft Sand
Spell Tag
Twisted Spoon
Wide Lens
Wise Glasses

Other Held Items

Amulet Coin

Location OF All Held Items

Item Town
Ability Shield Mesagoza
Absorb Bulb Cascarrafa
Adrenaline Orb Levincia
Air Balloon Cascarrafa
Assault Vest Mesagoza
Big Root Cascarrafa
Binding Band Levincia
Black Belt Levincia
Black Gasses Levincia
Black Sludge Levincia
Blunder Policy Mesagoza
Bright Powder Cascarrafa
Cell Battery Cascarrafa
Charcoal Mesagoza
Choice Band Mesagoza
Choice Scarf Mesagoza
Choice Specs Mesagoza
Clear Amulet Mesagoza
Covert Cloak Levincia
Damp Rock Cascarrafa
Destiny Knot Mesagoza
Dragon Fang Cascarrafa
Eject Button Levincia
Eject Pack Levincia
Electric Seed Cascarrafa
Eviolite Mesagoza
Expert Belt Mesagoza
Flame Orb Levincia
Focus Band Mesagoza
Focus Sash Mesagoza
Grassy Seed Cascarrafa
Grip Claw Mesagoza
Hard Stone Cascarrafa
Heat Rock Cascarrafa
Heavy-Duty Boots Levincia
Icy Rock Cascarrafa
Iron Ball Levincia
King’s Rock Mesagoza
Lagging Tail Levincia
Leftovers Cascarrafa
Life Orb Mesagoza
Light Clay Cascarrafa
Loaded Dice Levincia
Luminous Moss Cascarrafa
Magnet Cascarrafa
Mental Herb Cascarrafa
Metal Coat Levincia
Metronome Levincia
Miracle Seed Mesagoza
Mirror Herb Cascarrafa
Misty Seed Cascarrafa
Muscle Band Mesagoza
Mystic Water Mesagoza
Never-Melt Ice Levincia
Normal Gem Cascarrafa
Poison Barb Cascarrafa
Power Herb Cascarrafa
Protective Pads Levincia
Psychic Seed Cascarrafa
Punching Glove Mesagoza
Quick Claw Mesagoza
Razor Claw Mesagoza
Red Card Levincia
Ring Target Levincia
Rocky Helmet Mesagoza
Room Service Levincia
Safety Goggles Levincia
Scope Lens Levincia
Sharp Beak Mesagoza
Shed Shell Cascarrafa
Shell Bell Levincia
Silk Scarf Mesagoza
SIlver Powder Mesagoza
Smooth Rock Cascarrafa
Snowball Cascarrafa
Soft Sand Levincia
Spell Tag Cascarrafa
Sticky Barb Levincia
Terrain Extender Cascarrafa
Throat Spray Mesagoza
Toxic Orb Levincia
Twisted Spoon Levincia
Utility Umbrella Cascarrafa
Weakness Policy Mesagoza
White Herb Cascarrafa
Wide Lens Levincia
Wise Glasses Mesagoza
Zoom Lens Levincia

What are Held Items?

Boosts Your Pokemon’s Power

Held Items not only boost your Pokemon’s Abilities, such as increasing damage, accuracy, and the like or by healing them, but also give unique advantages throughout the game!

Useful Outside of Battle

Some Held Items have effects that do not directly give you benefits during battles, but can be given to a Pokemon to help repel wild Pokemon or double the prize money you get from winning battles!

List of All Item Categories

List Of Items Category Wise
Medicine Evolution Stones
Poke Balls Held Items
Evolution Items Treasures
Tera Shards TM Materials
Berries Vitamins
Battle Items Key Items
Training Items Mints
Sandwiches Ingredients