Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Weapons Guide

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Tiny You may pick from a large selection of weaponry in Tina’s Wonderlands. It could be challenging to choose a weapon since there are many variables that affect a weapon’s efficiency, such as strength/damage output or rarity.

Nevertheless, we have chosen a few of the game’s weaponry that we believe to be among the best.

Some of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ top weapons are included in this guide.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Weapons Guide

The Best Weapons In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Masterwork Handbow (Pistol)

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, one handgun, the Masterwork Handbow, rises head and shoulders over many other weapons. Pistols weren’t exactly recognised for their fire pace, clip size, or damage output.

One bolt may be held in the clip at a time with this specific Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands handgun, but it truly shines when it scores a critical hit. It has great base damage, but when a critical hit occurs, the ammunition is returned, negating the need to reload (which is a huge lifesaver when you have hoards of enemies rushing towards you).

Not only that, but it also fires off six more bolts that miraculously fly in the direction of the adversary who was critically struck. That is why the rifle is so fantastic. This is one of the finest weapons in the game for taking out groups of adversaries for players that build for critical hits or are precise with headshots.

Farming Shrine Piece – Grindanna is your finest option if you want your own own Masterwork Handbow. However, several gamers have also said that a random adversary may drop this item.

Lil K’s Bread Slicer

The use of this weapon goes much beyond simple bread slicing. Although it likewise launches saw blades, its operation differs somewhat from that of the preceding one.

Three blades are launched at once by Lil K’s bread slicer, and they may bounce off of walls and floors before striking an opponent. The swords also often deliver Elemental Damage.

Despite having a small magazine capacity, this firearm often offers Fire Rate and Damage boosts. Add a 15% chance of scoring a critical hit on top of that, and you have one of the greatest weapons in the game.

Shadowfire (SMG)

Reloading a firearm isn’t always as monotonous as just loading a fresh clip. Some firearms do amazing feats during their ostensibly straightforward reload routines. One of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ greatest SMGs, however, offers the nicest potential surprise weapon reload bonus.

Explosive balls fired from the gun erupt into a pillar of hellfire. The following shot is fired more quickly if it hits or kills an adversary. It basically becomes a dark magic grenade when it reloads.

The Shadowfire SMG is one of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Best Weapons; it is a potent weapon with a high rate of fire (6.37) and has fair accuracy. Although it has odd spray patterns, it may be lethal with technique.

So far, the Chaos Chamber has proven to be the most trustworthy source for a Shadowfire. (Or it may be a global decline.)


The Sapsucker is renowned for doing a lot of damage. It is a powerful assault weapon with two firing modes: automatic and burst-fire.

But instead of shooting bullets, the Sapsucker shoots Crossbolts, which pierce foes and cause extra damage for whatever long they remain inside of them—often only a few seconds, depending on the rarity.

This weapon may be used early on in the game, but as you advance, stronger variations become available.

Reign of Arrows (Shotgun)

Reign of Arrows is a fantastic shotgun when it comes to legendary weapons. Look no farther when the player wants to get up close and personal.

It stands out because it can fire all six of the rounds in its magazine with a single trigger pull, and each shot has a 460 damage rating. When it comes to getting rid of waves of foes, it’s excellent.

It can also shoot arrows in a circle, which is a unique feature. This pistol is unique for still another reason—every adversary within the circle takes damage.

Where this is grown is unclear; some have stated the Chaos Chamber, while others have said the global drop.

Liquid Cooling

With this unique automatic pistol’s endless magazine capacity, you may use it to your heart’s content without ever having to worry about reloading. The catch is that it will overheat and shatter if you fire it repeatedly for a long enough period of time.

When infused with Elemental Effects like Dark Magic, this weapon may easily and precisely annihilate foes. This weapon may become even deadlier with improvements to ordinary gun damage and critical hit damage. It is a great option for players that want to run and shoot and is unquestionably among the finest in the game.

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