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The Cycle: Frontier Pale Ivy Blossom Locations

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Looking for Pale Ivy Blossom in The Cycle: Frontier?

The objective of the extraction shooter The Cyle: Frontier is to gather an abundance of materials. In addition to priceless blue eggs and ores like Titan Ore and Veltecite, there are also significant plant resources. The Pale Ivy Blossom is one of them. This article will explain where and how to locate this unassuming flower.

For missions, enlarging your space, or producing tools and supplies is what it’s all about. You need the Pale Ivy Blossom for a lot of things. Sometimes it might be really challenging to find it. Due of its little size, gamers frequently ignore it. It often grows on low-lying vines. The majority of the time, you may locate them in jungles or other damp, wooded environments. We’ll show you where to locate the Pale Ivy Blossom, so get your stuff!

The Cycle: Frontier Pale Ivy Blossom Locations

The Cycle: Frontier Pale Ivy Blossom Locations | Where to find Pale Ivy Blossom in The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle of Pale Ivy Blossoms Small flowers known as frontier are often located halfway up tree trunks or cliff faces. They may be difficult to identify for a beginner player in Fortuna’s deep undergrowth because of their great density in some regions of both maps. To give you a better understanding of what you’re looking for, here is a screenshot of one:

Here are the very best places to find Pale Ivy Blossom on both maps:

  1. Fallen Tree (Crescent Falls)
  2. Jungle (Bright Sands)
  3. South of Lakeside Building (Crescent Falls)
  4. South of Pumpkin Fields (Crescent Falls)
  5. Dig Site (Bright Sands)
  6. Water Facility (Bright Sands)

What is Pale Ivy Blossom used for in The Cycle: Frontier?

A tiny number of crucial and helpful items, including effective mid-tier gear and potent consumables, are produced from Pale Ivy Blossom. Additionally, it is required to make Print Resin, a material typically utilised in conjunction with Optic Glass to create scopes for your weapons.

Here’s everything you can make at the Gear Printer using Pale Ivy Blossom:

  • Large Backpack (6,100 K-Marks, 2 Textiles, 1 Pale Ivy Blossom, 3 Altered Nickel)
  • Rare Tactical Shield (15,000 K-Marks, 2 Zero Systems CPUs, 1 Pale Ivy Blossoms, 5 Rattler Skins)
  • Combat Medkit (460 K-Marks, 2 Medical Supplies, 3 Waterweed Filaments, 1 Pale Ivy Blossom)
  • 5x Combat Stim (460 K-Marks, 2 Old Medicine, 2 Waterweed Filaments, 1 Pale Ivy Blossom)
  • Print Resin (3 Pale Ivy Blossom, 1 Smart Mesh)

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