Where to find Lucia in Tower of Fantasy

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The anime-influenced sci-fi adventure game Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG. Hotta Studio created it, and Level Infinite released it.

You may play Tower of Fantasy on your computer or mobile device anywhere in the globe (Android & iOS).

Players of the massive game Tower of Fantasy have the chance to uncover a plethora of treasures hidden around the world map. As you explore the globe, you’ll come across certain off-limits areas.

Behind these spots are buried treasures. You’ll need to find the key and enter the code to enter these locked areas.

There are several quests in Tower of Fantasy that must be completed to claim your rewards.

There are additional optional quests, stories, cutscenes, bosses, and more.

If you do well, the game may reward you with virtual goods.

In This Post you will get the answer of Where to find Lucia in Tower of Fantasy?

Where to find Lucia in Tower of Fantasy

Where to find Lucia in Tower of Fantasy

Lady Lucia, leader of the Hyenas and self-proclaimed “Supreme Queen of the World”, demands the highest degree of refinement and elegance in all circumstances, which is why she chose to establish her citadel in the Rose Garden.

Lucia is obsessed with beauty: convinced that she is the most beautiful woman in the universe, with the softest skin and the most charming eyes, she demands that her Hyenas call her “Your Grace”. .

Ravishing with lace and feathers, she fights with the weapon which, according to her, is the most graceful of all: the whip.

Location Of Lucia In Tower Of Fantasy

Lucia’s arena is not yet available due to the level cap. Located in the Crown region, you won’t be able to go to this area until level 31-32.

Continuous damage will be inflicted on you to eliminate you to get you back to the area you are supposed to be in.

In addition, it is recommended to have level 40 to engage in the fight against Lucia, so you will have to wait.

As Shown Below:

Location Of Lucia In Tower Of Fantasy

What Rewards get From Lucia In Tower Of Fantasy?

As an old saying goes so well; Never change a winning team ! Indeed, the drops of possible rewards from Lucia are random, so nothing can guarantee that you will obtain each of the rewards mentioned below.

  • Random SSR weapon between Roseblade, Icy Wind Arrow, Absolute Zero, Raven’s Scythe, Sea Chakram, Nether Cube,
  • Double EM Stars, Blades of Thunder and Furnace Shield V2.
  • Shiro: Matrix
  • Random SR weapon between Lightning Halberd, Staff of Scars, Exterminator, Pestle and Nightingale Feather.
  • Quantum Cloak Shard
  • Echo: Matrix
  • Random R matrix chip
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Data Pack III

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