Which Items Not to Waste in Tower of Fantasy | Loot Guide

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As you go through Tower of Fantasy, you’ll be given daily and weekly assignments to complete in return for in-game stuff. If you want to make headway in your daily and weekly logs, you’ll need to accomplish and finish the challenges.

After completing the first arena mission given to you by King, you will have access to this function. Some of the things in the periodicals are best used at certain times, and you should know what those times are.

Additionally, daily tasks should be completed before beginning any other work. You may earn experience, gacha currency, chests, and more by completing them. To get the most out of the beginning of the game, you should complete certain storylines and then go into the ruins.

Which Items Not to Waste in Tower of Fantasy | Loot Guide

Items You Should Use Wisely

The items that will be useful in the late game and a waste to use in the early stages of your journey are as follow:

  • Joint Supply Chips, which you will get in doing weeklies
  • Stat Suppressor
  • Blue, Purple, and Gold Crystals┬áthat you will use in the shop
    • Only use the purple crystals for the materials needed in the artifact
    • Use the gold crystals to get SSR gear
    • Use blue crystals for materials in leveling gear
  • If you are a free-to-play player, always plan when to use your Gacha currencies

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