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Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy

Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by Sam

The anime-influenced sci-fi adventure game Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG. Hotta Studio created it, and Level Infinite released it.

You may play Tower of Fantasy on your computer or mobile device anywhere in the globe (Android & iOS).

Players of the massive game Tower of Fantasy have the chance to uncover a plethora of treasures hidden around the world map. As you explore the globe, you’ll come across certain off-limits areas.

Behind these spots are buried treasures. You’ll need to find the key and enter the code to enter these locked areas.

There are several quests in Tower of Fantasy that must be completed to claim your rewards.

There are additional optional quests, stories, cutscenes, bosses, and more.

If you do well, the game may reward you with virtual goods.

In This Post you will get the answer of Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy.

Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy

How to Check Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy

This summer, millions of fans all over the world are going on adventures in the land of Aida thanks to Tower of Fantasy, the newest gacha MMO blockbuster RPG.

The stunning world of Aida has numerous hidden mysteries and complex systems that give it a living quality, enhancing immersion while you play the game.

Of course, there are hours and everything else you would expect, as well as a day and night cycle. In most circumstances, this has little bearing on how the game plays.

Some quests, on the other hand, are time-based, necessitating your presence at certain places at certain times.

You don’t want to be late, just as in real life. How can you determine the time in Tower of Fantasy? is actually quite easy!

While playing the game, you’ll notice a “weather” indicator in the upper left corner of the screen, directly to the right of your minimap.

This symbol can either be a moon or a sun. All you have to do to see a time screen with the current time of day is tap or click on that button!

Can You Change In-Game Time in Tower of Fantasy?

In Tower of Fantasy, changing the time is not possible. You cannot alter the time in Tower of Fantasy.

Since Tower of Fantasy is an MMO, you play with players from all around the world in real time, which regretfully limits your options for passing the time.

However, a day in Tower of Fantasy is equal to 40 minutes.

As a result, you usually won’t have to wait too long if you need to do anything at a specific time.

The Tower of Fantasy servers and the in-game time are in sync.

The sun icon next to the minimap, which correlates to Aida Time, can be used to view it.

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